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How to Help Your Students Succeed 

by Devora Kramer January 20, 2021

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), 25 percent of all children have a vision problem significant enough to impact their learning. Up to 80 […]

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Ptosis: Why Is My Eyelid Drooping? 

by Russ Lazarus November 2, 2020

What is ptosis? Ptosis, commonly referred to as a droopy eyelid, occurs when the upper eyelid droops down over the eye. A droopy eyelid can […]

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Anxiety Activated by Reflex Codes

by Alexandar Andrich September 21, 2020

Author: Dr. Alex and Patti Andrich The Vision Development Team If you frequently experience bouts of anxiety, you are not alone.  According to the Anxiety […]

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Preschool Children Vision Therapy

5 Things Parents Should Know About Visual Development

by Ingryd Lorenzana September 8, 2020

Author: Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana Vision and Sensory Integration Institute   1. The brain is the only organ that is not fully developed at birth, and […]

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What Is Intermittent Strabismus?

by Russ Lazarus August 30, 2020

Strabismus, also called an eye turn, can be intermittent or constant— depending on how often it occurs.  Intermittent strabismus occurs occasionally, most often during stressful […]

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How Is My Optical Prescription Measured?

by Russ Lazarus August 23, 2020

Whether you are visiting your eye doctor for your annual checkup, or have noticed that your vision is not as sharp as it used to […]

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Vision Therapy for Self Confidence: Success Stories

by Russ Lazarus August 16, 2020

Real life stories of children who struggled with self confidence as a result of an underlying vision problem. *Names have been changed for privacy protection. […]

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7 Signs Your Child Might Have a Lazy Eye

by Russ Lazarus July 16, 2020

What is a lazy eye? Amblyopia, commonly known as “lazy eye” is a neuro-developmental vision condition that typically develops before a child turns eight years […]

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8 Tips to Protect Your Child’s Vision

by Russ Lazarus July 15, 2020

Visual health is crucial for all aspects of life— seeing, learning, and connecting with others. Follow these tips to  protect your child’s eyes and developing vision, […]

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Myopia Management FAQs

by Russ Lazarus July 13, 2020

Q: What is myopia?  A: Myopia is a refractive error, or a vision condition that affects the ability to see distant images or objects clearly. […]

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by Russ Lazarus July 13, 2020

Q: What is ADHD? A: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common behavioral disorders that affects children. Approximately 5% of children […]

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Guide to Contact Lenses 

by Russ Lazarus June 16, 2020

How do contact lenses correct vision? Have you ever thought about how a piece of plastic can improve your vision? Contact lenses are primarily used […]

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by Russ Lazarus June 1, 2020

Optical What are scleral lenses? How to choose an eyeglass frame that fits you best. Do all sunglasses protect the eyes from UV radiation? Is […]

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Bifocals for Lazy Eye

by Russ Lazarus May 19, 2020

What are bifocals? Bifocals are glasses that contain two lens prescriptions, one for near vision and one for distance vision. The lens powers are usually […]

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Vision Therapy for Children

by Ilan Manoim May 12, 2020

Vision Therapy for Children Are your child’s school grades not a true reflection of their potential? Has your child been told they have a learning […]

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What Is Farsightedness?

by Russ Lazarus May 4, 2020

Farsightedness, also known as long-sightedness or hyperopia, causes near objects or images to appear blurry. A hyperopic eye focuses an image behind the retina, instead […]

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What to Do in an Eye Emergency

by Russ Lazarus April 30, 2020

What is an eye emergency? An eye emergency is any situation that poses a threat to a child’s eye health or vision. Eye injuries account […]

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A Guide to Eye Infections

by Russ Lazarus April 29, 2020

Parents should be aware of the symptoms of an eye infection to enable prompt identification and treatment. Eye infections occur when bacteria, viruses, or fungi […]

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 Eye Drops For Children

by Russ Lazarus April 23, 2020

What are eye drops used for? Your eye doctor may have used eye drops during the eye exam of your child or may have prescribed […]

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Convergence Insufficiency

by Russ Lazarus April 22, 2020

What is convergence insufficiency? Convergence insufficiency (CI) is a highly treatable binocular vision condition that affects near vision and eye muscle coordination. Convergence of the […]

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