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  • Why are regular eye exams important?
  • Can eye disease be prevented?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of digital eye strain?
  • How can a nutritious diet protect your eye health?
  • What is Sports Vision?

  • Innovations in Eyecare: Treatments for Presbyopia and Demodex

    In recent years, eye care professionals have been searching for new pharmaceutical options to offer their patients with presbyopia and demodex eyelid infestations, primarily as...
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  • COVID-19

    Home > Primary Eye Care COVID-19 Does COVID-19 impact the eyes? Can COVID-19 be transmitted through the eyes? Is conjunctivitis a sign of COVID-19? Has...
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  • Guide to Eye Exams

    Regular eye exams are important. A comprehensive eye exam includes a thorough examination of your ocular health and visual abilities. Early detection of eye conditions can prevent life-long vision loss and blindness....
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  • Guide to Sports Vision

    Do you find it difficult to take your sports game to the next level? You may be suffering from a vision problem, a vision problem may actually be causing the difficulty you are experiencing while participating in sports activities....
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  • Guide to Binocular Visual Dysfunction (BVD)

     If you experience headaches, blurred vision, anxiety, balance problems, or dizziness making simple everyday tasks difficult, you may have this common visual problem. Up to 20% of the world’s population suffers from a condition known as Binocular Visual Dysfunction (BVD)....
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  • Guide to Myopia Management

    Are you concerned that your or your child's myopia is worsening? Myopia is a serious condition that can increase the risk of developing ocular diseases later in life, such as cataracts, glaucoma, or retinal detachment. The good news is that with regular eye exams, vision therapy, and myopia management, you can regain clear vision - while decreasing your risk of developing an ocular disease....
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  • Guide to Low Vision

    Do you or a loved one have low vision? Low vision may prevent you from driving, watching TV, reading, using a computer or participating in your favorite hobbies, Low vision is often accompanied by blurred vision, blind spots or tunnel vision— and may also be called legal blindness....
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  • Guide to Eye Health

    An eye exam might save your life. Diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart and vascular diseases, and even some forms of cancer could be detected during an eye exam. According to Eye-Q, over 20% of Americans say an eye doctor detected a health issue - not related to the eyes....
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  • Guide to Eye Conditions

    Early detection of most eye conditions can ensure you maintain clear sight and enjoy years of good eye health. Have you been told you have an eye disease or need eye surgery? There are 4 main eye diseases, and many others than can impact your vision....
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  • Optical and Contact Lenses

    Buying your new pair of eyeglasses can be fun. The quality and range of lenses are always increasing. Considering contact lenses or laser surgery?...
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