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Guide to Sports Vision

  • Vision Skills for Sports

    Poor sports performance can cause low self-esteem, and feelings of frustration and embarrassment. A child who cannot catch a ball or jump rope like their friends, may begin to avoid these activities— causing them to feel left out and insecure. The good news is - many times, sports performance is closely related to the level of a child’s visual skills. ...
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  • What is Sports Vision?

    Do you feel like your sports performance does not measure up to your athletic ability? You may be suffering from a vision problem, a vision problem may actually be causing the difficulty you are experiencing while participating in sports activities....
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  • Sunglasses for Sports

    Many sports players and professional athletes can be seen wearing tinted sunglasses. While you may have thought that these are just for style, in truth, they can actually help to improve sports performance....
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  • Vision for High School Athletics

    High school athletics play an integral part of a teenager’s high school experience and can affect both their personality and social success. Athletic success breeds self confidence in teenagers and sometimes may even lead to an athletic scholarship to a college or university of choice....
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  • Is Binocular Vision Important for Sports?

    Binocular vision is important for athletes, as it impacts their performance. An athlete can improve their visual skills and boost their performance on the field with the help of sports vision training. Binocular vision is the eyes’ ability to focus on an object to  create a single image, this is critical for achieving on the sports field....
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