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Children's Vision

  • Would you like to understand the importance of a pediatric eye exam?
  • Would you like to know how to prevent your child’s myopia from worsening?
  • Do you know how to identify an eye infection or an eye emergency?
  • Do you know the benefits and risks of contact lenses for children?

  • Guide to Pediatric Eye Conditions

    Eye conditions affect over 20% of all children, including lazy eye, eye turns and eye diseases. However, most children do not complain of symptoms - it is vital for parents to know the signs to look out to ensure your child maintains clear vision and good eye health....
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  • Guide to Children’s Eye Exams

    Children very rarely show any obvious signs of vision problems, for this reason regular eye exams are essential, starting from 6 months of age. Undiagnosed vision problems could impact a child's development and school readiness....
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  • Healthy Eyes for Life: 8 Ideas to Teach Children

    Parents can teach their children the lifestyle habits and behaviors that are best for their eyes and vision. Most children can appreciate the importance of...
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  • Vision for School

    Is your child not reaching their potential at school? For a child to succeed in school they need excellent vision and strong visual skills, including eye tracking, focusing, binocular vision and visual processing. These skills can be enhanced with the correct eyewear and vision therapy....
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  • Vision for Special Needs

    Children with special needs have a high rate of visual problems and their lives can be enhanced with the correct eye care. Vision therapy has also been shown to improve the visual skills to improve eye contact and interactions with their surroundings - significantly enhancing their lives....
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  • Guide to Visual Development

    Healthy eyes and good vision are vital components that enable successful achievement of many important milestones. Learning “how to see” and being able to interpret visual information to understand what is going on in the environment, are both crucial factors in successfully reaching the development of the visual system. It is important to know your baby's visual development to ensure they reach their milestones....
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  • Guide to Eye Turns

    Eye turns, are also known as strabismus, and affect over 1 in 20 babies and toddlers. With early detection and eye care treatment, with eyeglasses and vision therapy, the eye turn can often be resolved, without relying on complicated eye surgeries....
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