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Guide to Eye Exams

  • Why are eye exams important?
  • Is controlling eye pressure vital for eye health?
  • Why do eye doctors use advanced digital technology?
  • How can I protect my child's eyes at home?

  • Eye Exams

    Why are eye exams important? A comprehensive eye exam includes a thorough examination of your ocular health and visual abilities. Early detection of eye conditions can prevent life-long vision loss....
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  • Eye Emergencies

    What is an Eye Emergency? An eye infection or eye injury can be very painful and require emergency medical treatment.  It is important to know the signs of an eye emergency and to contact your eye doctor immediately if you experience an eye emergency....
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  • Choosing an Optometrist

    When deciding on an eye doctor it is important to look for a reputable optometry practice that will meet all of your ocular health and vision needs. A qualified eye care professional will examine, treat, manage, and monitor your ocular health and vision, ensuring you enjoy a life of clear vision....
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  • Advanced Diagnostics

    Many ocular diseases develop without any noticeable symptoms. Advanced diagnostic equipment allows doctors to detect signs of ocular disease before symptoms are present —preventing significant and permanent impact on the vision, and enabling early treatment to best manage the disease. ...
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  • Why Is Eye Pressure Important?

    Have you heard your eye doctor mention 'eye pressure', but you are not really sure what it means? Eye pressure, also called intraocular pressure (IOP), refers to the fluid pressure inside the eye. Maintaining a healthy IOP will help to preserve your vision and prevent vision loss from eye conditions such as glaucoma, a sight-threatening ocular disease....
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  • Eye Protection at Home

    90% of eye injuries can be prevented with appropriate eye protection. Many people perform their daily chores without even thinking about the risk of an eye injury. Considering 50% of all eye injuries occur at home, you may want to think about increasing your eye protection around the house....
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  • Why Are Eye Exams Important?

    Are Eye Exams Important? Yes! Many eye conditions, in their early stages, have no obvious signs or symptoms, so the annual exam is often the only way to detect eye conditions early. Since there are often no signs or symptoms, regular comprehensive eye exams are key to maintaining good vision and healthy eyes....
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  • Eye Pain: Do I Need an Eye Exam?

    Are you feeling pain in your eye, but not sure what it is? It could be a sign of a serious eye problem. The eyes...
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  • 6 Health Red Flags Seen in Your Eyes

    Your eyes are a window to your soul, but also to your health.  Certain changes in your eye health or vision can be red flags...
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