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Welcome to the Public Entrance. Your vision care needs have shaped the scope of today's optometrists' practice.

Optometrists do much more than prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses. Our optometrist members provide primary eye care as well as unique vision care services, such as vision therapy, visual rehabilitation, non-surgical solutions, surgical consultations, and preventative care.

Optometrists help many patients with challenging visual problems. Explore our network to learn about optometric care, such as vision therapy or visual rehabilitation for special needs, lazy eye, crossed eyes, learning related vision problems, computer vision syndrome, head trauma, and much much more.


Optometrists (O.D.,
Doctor of Optometry) are independent primary health care providers who specialize in the examination, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye and associated structures.

Optometrists are uniquely qualified to deal with functional vision disorders and/or problems in visual processing which affect reading, computer use, and other aspects of learning, development and behavior. They also work with the visual rehabilitation of people with head trauma, brain injuries, etc.

Therapists & Teachers

Therapists and Teachers can work with optometrists to improve vision in children and adults. Explore our network for health, vision, and science education resources.

See our special section of Articles and Resources specifically related to Learning Related Vision Problems, learning disabilities, reading problems, etc.

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Optometrists provide comprehensive vision care relating to patient populations, health conditions, visual health care, or specialties, such as:
accommodative infacility
accommodative spasms
amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
astigmatism at-risk students
attention deficit disorders
autism, autistic
bifocal contact lenses
closed-head traumas
complete eye exams
computer vision syndrome (CVS
cortical blindness
convergence insufficiency
crossed eyes
double vision
dry eyes
eye diseases
eye strain or eyestrain
eye tracking problems
hard-to-fit contact lenses
head traumas
laser vision correction
lasik surgical consultation
learning disabilities
learning related vision problems
lazy eye
low vision
macular degeneration
multiply handicapped
nearsightedness (myopia)
neuro-optometric rehabilitation
non-surgical vision correction
developmental delays
presbyopia (farsightedness)
pre-surgical vision therapy
prism lenses
poor depth perception
poor stereopsis
post-surgical vision therapy
reading problems
reduction of near-sightedness
special Needs
Stroke Victims
traumatic brain-injuries
vision rehabilitaton
vision therapy
vision training
visual therapy
visual training
sports vision
developmental optometry
behavioral optometrists
developmental optometrists
pediatric optometrists