Vision Therapy for Spelling: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, November 11, 2020

Real life stories of children with spelling difficulties, where an underlying visual problem was diagnosed and treated with Vision Therapy.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

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Aimee, age 11

When Aimee was initially evaluated for Vision Therapy, she was not reading for pleasure at all, mainly because spelling was becoming an issue, and she was not able to remember how to spell words.

Aimee noted improvement in her memory for words on spelling lists and reading ability from early on in her Vision Therapy program. By the end, she was truly enjoying it! Her writing, spelling, and self-esteem has all improved!

Aimee has greatly benefited from Vision Therapy.  After several years of frustration and no apparent reasons for her disability, Dr. X has been great!

Our only wish is that we would have found Vision Therapy sooner.

Sue-Ellen R-B., Aimee’s parent


DeShawn, age 9

DeShawn has benefited greatly from Vision Therapy. Before beginning Vision Therapy, he succeeded in many subjects, but performed well below average in spelling and reading. By the second grade, I was informed that he wasn’t even reading at first grade level.

He was placed in a special education program to improve his spelling skills and worked with a tutor and myself extensively. By the end of the school year, he had improved only minimally, to a very low second grade level— well below where he should have been.

By the conclusion of Vision Therapy, I saw considerable improvement in DeShawn’s spelling and reading. There is a lot of work in third grade and he is earning mostly A’s.

Jada D., DeShawn’s parent


Miriam, age 8

I started Miriam in Vision Therapy because at the age of 7 she was feeling as though she couldn’t read or write. Even though she had mastered all the skills necessary to read, she couldn’t put them all together, so her spelling was also below grade level.

As a teacher, I knew that there was a great possibility that she could be labeled as learning disabled and I wanted to explore all the other possibilities. I also wanted to help her regain a positive self-esteem.

Upon completion of the Vision Therapy program, Miriam’s spelling and writing skills have improved, and she is now reading at grade level. She actually enjoys reading and will pick up a book on her own to read for enjoyment. Morgan has also regained confidence and will try to spell new words that challenge her.

Vision Therapy has been a very positive experience for Miriam. She enjoyed every session.

Sarah C., Miriam’s parent


Tarnee, age 13

Tarnee experienced headaches and had difficulty focusing during reading, spelling, homework, and classroom activities after just a short period of time.

The results of some testing led to a consultation, and treatment with a developmental optometrist. I must admit that when Vision Therapy was recommended for her, we were skeptical because we knew little about it, but after Tarnee’s first examination and then our conference with Dr. X, we became very excited and hopeful that Vision Therapy could be the answer to many years of frustration for her, and us as well.

Following Vision Therapy, her ability to remember and spell new words, and focus on reading and school work has improved dramatically. Homework each evening in the past was a painful process, but now she stays on task and gets it done in a fraction of the time and without frustration.

Trevon, Tarnee’s parent


Jules, age 7

When my daughter Jules entered first grade, it became apparent to her teachers that she had a learning disability, especially spelling. It was suggested that she see a developmental optometrist. After testing, Vision Therapy was recommended.

Vision therapy has made a world of difference to Julie. It was almost as if she had blinders on before. Now that she is in third grade, she is doing well and I believe that the therapy helped enormously.

Jules’ parent


If your child has difficulties with spelling, the cause may be an undiagnosed vision problem, contact an eye doctor near you, who can diagnose and treat the condition.

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Carlos, age 12

After years of various remedial programs, our son Carlos was referred for evaluation within our school district because he was struggling with spelling and reading in the fifth grade.

I then learned of an education specialist who worked with students experiencing similar difficulties and took Carlos for an evaluation. The specialist suspected a visual processing deficit and recommended we take him to Dr. X for a developmental vision exam. It turns out that Carlos had vision problems that were interfering with his ability to spell properly.

Within just three weeks, we noticed improvement in his ability to memorize words.  After just two and a half months of Vision Therapy, he had raised his spelling grade level by three years. It wasn’t long before Carlos was reading, something he had never done before.

Vision Therapy has changed our lives. With the vision problem corrected, it gave us a foundation on which his spelling became easier.

Kiara Y, Carlos’s parent



Can you relate to any of these stories? 

If your child has been diagnosed with spelling, a vision problem may be the underlying cause. Schedule a vision evaluation as soon as possible.

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Vision therapy can help your child gain the visual skills they need for academic success, while improving their self-confidence along the way.