How Does Vision Therapy Boost Self Confidence?

Dr. Russel Lazarus, January 17, 2021

Could improving your child’s school grades also improve their motivation and self confidence? 

When people think of vision, they tend to think of vision clarity, or how well a person can see from a distance. Many schools even conduct a basic vision screening to help them identify the children who may be struggling to see the whiteboard in the classroom.

However, these vision screenings are very limited, as they only test distance vision, and do not assess near vision or the child’s functional vision— which includes all of the essential visual skills necessary for learning.

As a result, many children who suffer from reduced functional vision, or problems with their visual skills, are not identified and end up struggling through school and even on the sports field— often being mislabeled as clumsy, lazy, or learning disabled and even misdiagnosed with ADHD.

Negative stigmas can significantly impact a child’s self esteem and confidence, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Fortunately, many of these students can improve their learning skills, as well as their athletic abilities by getting the help they need to strengthen their visual skills.

With vision therapy, the visual skills can be learned and retrained, especially during adolescence as the brain is developing— but also during adulthood as a result of neuroplasticity.

If you suspect your child has low self esteem, contact an eye doctor near you, was it may due to an undiagnosed vision problem.

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What is vision therapy? 

Vision therapy is a personalized treatment program that helps to develop and/or improve the communication between the eyes and brain to enhance visual comfort and processing. 

A vision therapy program may include specialized lenses, prisms and eye exercises to help strengthen the eye-brain connections.

Vision therapy is an effective treatment for the following eye conditions:

How can vision therapy boost your child’s confidence?

If your child has been struggling in school or on the sports field as a result of a visual impairment, they may also be experiencing low self esteem, anger, frustration, and other social-emotional or behavioral challenges.

Vision therapy can improve the visual skills necessary for academic and athletic success. 

As a result, your child will gain the skills they need to succeed, thus boosting their confidence and self esteem.

Moreover, boosting your child’s confidence by giving them the visual skills necessary to succeed in learning, will empower your child and increase their chances of succeeding in their future endeavors.

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If your child is struggling with low confidence schedule a comprehensive vision evaluation to assess their vision and visual skills. 

With vision therapy, your child can achieve the skills they need, build their confidence in class and on the sports field and succeed in all aspects of life.