Vision Therapy for Homework Difficulties: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, August 15, 2020

Personal stories from parents of children who struggled to complete their homework before completing a program of vision therapy.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

Is it difficult for your child to complete their homework? 

Is it a struggle to motivate them to focus on their homework? 

Your child may have an undiagnosed vision problem. 

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Rik, age 8

At school, my son used to reverse letters, jump from one line to the next while reading, and misspell words he copied from the board.

During sports activities, my son could not catch a ball or ride his bike. He used to cry, and say “I can’t do it Mom, I can’t do it.” He also didn’t know right from left.

Two years ago I took my son to an optometrist and he was diagnosed with astigmatism. The Dr. said that my son was young and he was going to grow out of it.

As parents, all we want is for our kids to do well in school. I used to talk to friends and relatives about the problems my son was having at school. And their advice was “Don’t worry, he’s going to grow out of it.”

And let me tell you, I wasted 5 precious years. Before Vision Therapy, homework was a punishment for me and my son. I used to yell at him for misspelling the same word for the 5th time. Vision Therapy changed my son’s life completely for the better.

Now he knows his right from his left, can catch a ball, and ride his bike. He can also read without jumping lines, and the stories or books he reads now make sense.

Maria, Rikkardo’s parent


Brittany, age 11

When Brittany first came to Vision Therapy she had many problems. She made many mistakes, she was a very slow worker, and she never finished her work. Her concentration was bad.

In three weeks, we saw a big difference in her schoolwork. Now that she has completed Vision Therapy, Brittany is capable of reading through a story, she doesn’t get confused, and she understands what she has read.

While Brittany used to take three to four hours to do homework, she can now finish her homework in twenty minutes. I truly believe in the Vision Therapy program with all of my heart.

So I say to any parent whose child might have a learning disability, look into Vision Therapy. It did wonders for Brittany.

Liliana G., Brittany’s parent


Taylor, age 15

The strides Taylor has made are incredible. She was a slow worker who could not concentrate, and it took 3-4 hours to complete homework. Now she stays seated and finishes in about 45 minutes.

When Taylor makes mistakes now, she realizes them right away and corrects them. Taylor also loves to read now because she no longer loses her place! She is also very proud of how fluently she can read aloud.

We are so proud of Taylor’s improvement with Vision Therapy and we can’t stop talking about it!

Cathy C, Taylor’s parent


Andrew, age 12

After Andrew completed Vision Therapy, we observed remarkable improvement in his schoolwork. He feels much better about himself now. You can see the enthusiasm and effort that was not there before. Now he completes his homework with ease. His teacher also reported that he is doing much better in class. Thank you for Vision Therapy and for the changes the program brought to my son’s life.

Lorenzo S., Andrew’s parent


Darnell, age 13

Vision Therapy has helped Darnell in many areas of his life. He enjoyed the program very much. His memory has improved tremendously, and he is more motivated. He is able to concentrate more with his homework. He can focus more and complete it in a shorter span. He is now able to copy all his homework assignments from the board. He enjoys reading more than before. He even improved on his behavior overall. He is more organized.

I would and have recommended Vision Therapy to some of my friends.

Jennifer J., Darnell’s parent


Endasha, age 12

Endasha has improved in all areas. I feel that Vision Therapy has been worthwhile for her. Working at home is now much better, her homework is done in one hour, not three.

I’m glad Endasha had the chance to understand that she can do school work just like all the other children.

Endasha’s parent


If your child avoids doing their homework, it may be due to an undiagnosed vision problem, contact an eye doctor near you, who can diagnose and treat the condition.

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Kayla, age 8

Kayla has worn glasses since she was four but still had trouble focusing. Before Vision Therapy, she had trouble reading and was at risk of being retained in the second grade. It took her hours a day all week to complete her homework.

Since Vision Therapy, Kayla has jumped up many levels in reading. She is very close to the reading level she needs to graduate in two months. Her confidence has improved. It takes her much less time to complete her homework. She has improved in all of her school subjects, with the most dramatic improvement in the area of reading.

Rebecca M. F., Kayla’s parent


Kelsey, age 14

When we first started Vision Therapy, Kelsey would spend up to three hours doing homework. Now she is able to do the same amount of homework in an hour. This has made a huge impact on her self-image and self-confidence.

Before she would fret and make herself sick just thinking about school. Now she goes with all of the self-confidence that she will be able to do anything with a little practice.

Kelsey’s reading has greatly improved. She is able to stay on the same lines and not grab words from other sentences. We had a one-hour drive each way to Vision Therapy, and it excited her to read a story to me as I drove.

I would greatly encourage anyone who has a child who struggles in school to enroll in Vision Therapy. Words and money can’t measure how it feels to watch a child’s self-confidence in school and at home, improve so drastically!

Kim C. V., Kelsey’s parent


Blake, age 11

Who is this child who has finished Vision Therapy? It couldn’t possibly be the same slow reading, frustrated child who began only some weeks ago. We no longer spend hours doing homework.

Now I walk in and Blake very proudly exclaims, “I’ve got my homework done!” At first he struggled with the program and didn’t want to work. Then one day it “clicked” and all of a sudden I did not know my child anymore!

Tamar O’N., Blake’s parent


Dustin, age 9

Dustin has always been very active in sports and outdoor activities, but had trouble with school related work. He had a lot of trouble with reading, copying from the board, and was often fidgety and disruptive when he had to do his work.

Homework was always a struggle, even if it was something simple that should only take a few minutes.

About one month into second grade, his teacher suggested that we have him tested for vision problems due to his low reading ability and problems completing his work.

After a few months of Vision Therapy, we could see a difference. He had less trouble doing his homework and he started reading more on his own. His teacher noticed that he could stay on task for longer periods of time and was finishing more of his work.

Now that he has completed his treatment, he is reading at his grade level, he is a good listener and stays on task, finishes his work at school, homework takes about 1/4 of the time it used to, and he hardly ever fidgets or gets frustrated.

A big “Thank You” to Dustin’s second grade teacher, who recommended Vision Therapy, and Dr. X and his staff! You have all made a huge difference in Dustin’s life.

Tracy C., Dustin’s parent


Cynthia, age 10

Before we took our daughter to Vision Therapy, she was doing poorly in school. Her self-esteem was low, and she didn’t read very well. Now she is doing much better in school. Before, she would take hours to do her homework.

Now, she sits down for homework and gets it done right away. She seems to concentrate better on everything that she does.

We are very pleased and thankful that we were able to find and treat the problem.

Flor, Cynthia’s parent

Can you relate to any of these stories? 

Is it difficult for your child to complete their homework? 

Is it a struggle to motivate them to focus on their homework? 

Your child may have a vision problem. 

Schedule a vision evaluation as soon as possible.

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Vision therapy can help your child gain the visual skills they need for clearer, more comfortable vision— and an increased ability to focus at the end of the day.