Vision Therapy: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, November 11, 2020

Real life stories of children with reading difficulties, where an underlying visual problem was diagnosed and treated with Vision Therapy.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

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Spencer, age 13

Spence is comfortable with reading for the first time. He is participating with the rest of the class and completing monthly book reports. The best part is his newly found confidence and independence.

So many children with reading problems would greatly benefit from Vision Therapy!

Spencer’s L.’s parents


Amanda, age 9

During a routine eye exam, Dr. X diagnosed Amanda with convergence insufficiency and recommended Vision Therapy. Amanda is a good student but her reading and homework became a struggle in 2nd grade. Her frustration levels were very high.

After only ten Vision Therapy sessions, Amanda is taking the initiative and completing homework with less trouble. In the last three weeks, both my husband and I have noticed that her attitude has improved.

She now tells us she loves us and hugs us spontaneously. She seems happier.

Greg and Ruth S., Amanda’s parents


Kelsey, age 12

Kelsey was screened at school at the end of 4th grade and failed miserably. She has always struggled in school and with reading in particular. Homework took an incredible amount of time and she had developed lots of negative feelings toward school. I worried about how Kelsey would do as the work got harder.

Kelsey spent 16 weeks in Vision Therapy, and about 4 weeks into it, I realized she wasn’t spilling things at dinner and her eye-hand coordination was better. About 3 months after she finished Vision Therapy, her reading grades suddenly improved and she actually read the first Harry Potter book.

I had a very bright child who really struggled with school. Now I have a child who likes to read in school and can succeed there.

Lisa V., Kelsey’s parent


Janis, age 7

My daughter Janis came to Dr. X last November after struggling through the first two months of first grade. I knew something was wrong but could not figure it out.

Dr. X found that Janis needed Vision Therapy. After nine months of Vision Therapy, Janis can read easier, catch a ball easily, and is catching up with her class.

There is no doubt in my mind that Janis has greatly benefited from Vision Therapy.

I am grateful that I was informed about Vision Therapy and feel more people should be aware of it.

Gail G., Janis’ parent


Ely, age 8

My 8-year-old daughter had always been a bright child, but during first and second grade she continuously struggled with reading. I worked with her daily, got phonics books, and practiced over and over. There were small improvements, but she never progressed enough to read comfortably.

I heard about Dr. X and Vision Therapy through a friend. My daughter began the program and has since become a good reader. She is now able to read entire paragraphs smoothly, and she can sound out multisyllabic words on her own.

I am so grateful for Dr. X and the entire staff for their patience and concern for my child. This will be a turning point for my daughter as she continues through third grade and her entire education.

I genuinely feel Vision Therapy will enable her to learn to use her full potential. I strongly recommend it for anyone who may need help.

Eileen S., Ely’s parent


Kasey, age 8

Kasey was a good student in school, but has had to work very hard for her accomplishments. What a difference a year of Vision Therapy has made. Kasey is working much more independently now and her reading has improved immensely.

I wish there was more knowledge about Kasey’s initial diagnosis of ocular motor dysfunction in both the school system as well as the medical field. There are many children being misdiagnosed. These children will get lost in the system and will probably never know why things were so complicated for them.

We are so thankful for Vision Therapy.

Ed and Debby O’S, Kasey’s parents


Lauren, age 11

Lauren’s vision therapy has done wonders for her. She has improved in her reading grade level, has much more confidence in herself, and has become more outgoing. Lauren is now willing to read by herself instead of asking someone else to do it for her.

It seems a pity to me that more parents and educators don’t have the knowledge to recommend Vision Therapy for children with learning problems.

Liz McL, Lauren’s parent


If your child is struggling at school, contact an eye doctor near you, who can discuss any vision problems.

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Gianna, age 8

Before Gianna started Vision Therapy, we thought that her problems with reading had to do more with some type of learning disability. After being tested at school, which found nothing but a high IQ, we were told again it was developmental.

While reading with my daughter, my husband began to watch her eyes instead of her book and saw them moving all around. We were then given Dr. X’s number by our school and began Vision Therapy.

SinceGianna has started therapy, she has gained a tremendous amount of confidence when reading aloud in class, as well as independently. She can now actually focus on each word and not lose her place. She has become a fluent reader rather than a frustrated one. There has also been a huge improvement in her handwriting, as well as her spelling. She no longer sees double or backward letters and words.

It is no longer a 2-hour ordeal to do her homework, she actually asks to do it and wants very little help. She loved going to Vision Therapy and always had fun, it was never like work to her.

Not only would I recommend Vision Therapy to others, I wholeheartedly believe this therapy could help many children who are struggling, or who are just not up to grade level and have been told it’s developmental. I have already given Dr. Xs number to several friends.

Julie S. I., Gianna’s parent


Chris, age 9

Three years ago, our son, Chris, was a third grader who had never experienced any scholastic fun or success. Every year, Chris had hours of homework in reading and math, his most difficult subjects. His teacher told us he had a learning disability but Chris simply did not fit the pattern of the learning disabled. In our estimation, our son DID NOT have a learning disability but was being unduly categorized.

Looking for a solution to Chris’ problems, we sought out Dr. X. Obviously, there are no guarantees in life, but with Vision Therapy, and Dr. X’s guidance, Chris was the proven winner. His reading grades improved, and an attitude shift toward school occurred along with a definite improvement of his math skills.

Today, Chris is completing his first year of Jr. High. He disciplines himself to get up for school without parental prodding. He returns home and after an hour of relaxation, spends one to two hours studying. Chris is a social and active young boy. NEVER do we hear complaints about school, teachers, project requirements, etc.

What a pleasure to see him finally enjoying school and holding a solid B average. Please try Vision Therapy, it works!

Terrence J. B., Chris’ parent


Monica, age 12

Monica hated to read, couldn’t spell, didn’t like school, tired easily, and was beginning to show signs of low self-esteem. She would say that she wasn’t good at anything, was dumb, and unpopular.

Today, she is a different person! Just two weeks ago, her language arts teacher said that Julie had shown recent signs of huge jumps in her reading and cognitive ability. Julie loves school now and wants to leave the house at 7 a.m. to get there early. She is invited to parties and she has a quick wit.

I attribute a lot of these dramatic changes to the work she has done in Vision Therapy.

We are very pleased with the results.

Judith, Julie’s parent

Can you relate to any of these stories? 

If your child has been diagnosed with a reading difficulty, a vision problem may be the underlying cause. Schedule a vision evaluation with an eye doctor near you.

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Vision therapy could help your child gain the visual skills they need for academic success, while improving their self-confidence along the way.