Vision Therapy for Math: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, November 11, 2020

Personal stories from adults and children who improved their math scores following Vision Therapy.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

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Before Scott was tested by Dr. X, he struggled in school, in particular math, which caused much frustration.

He had great difficulty completing math homework and would get extremely frustrated, especially as the workload and homework increased.

What we learned after his vision testing was that he had an eye tracking disorder. He fatigued within minutes of focusing on whatever project or activity he attempted and he felt completely defeated.

Now Scott has completed his Vision Therapy with great success he is able to complete his math tasks.

The Vision Therapy program was a big commitment, and it was one of the best decisions I have made on behalf of my son’s well being.

I highly recommend it to parents of children who may be experiencing any math problems.

Scott’s parent



Vision Therapy has helped Emma tremendously with her schoolwork and attitude toward school. Her math grades have improved to the point where she has made honor roll.

She likes to do math sums now, where she never did in the past.

Carly G., Emma’s parent



Prior to Vision Therapy, Logan had double vision, and poor eye tracking skills. He felt frustrated and angry about school, especially his math scores.

We’re only half way through Vision Therapy and my son has noticed dramatic changes. He no longer struggles with math homework.

Now, he is able to notice when his vision becomes double and can pull out of it.

Lucas J., Logan’s parent

If your child struggles with math, they may have a vision problem, contact an eye doctor near you, who can discuss the best options to treat your child.

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Jenna had a hard time in school. She was tested and found to be two grade levels below in her math ability. She had difficulty drawing geometric shapes and reading. The numbers on the page seemed to move.

We took her to get a vision test. We also took her to get academic testing.

Since Vision Therapy, her math grades have jumped higher, and confidence is no longer a factor. Jenna now believes she can do it all and loves her math class.

Jenna is now in 5th grade and she just got a B+ on her first math exam. It was the highest grade she has ever got! She is still smiling at that and it happened over two weeks ago.

Holly, Jenna’s parent



My ability to do complex math equations has improved greatly since I began Vision Therapy. I have been able to compute sums much faster, which has resulted in a general improvement in my performance level at school

I highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone who is having problems with their math skills.

Terrell., adult patient



Before I started my weekly sessions, or even knew about Vision Therapy, I struggled with so many things that I felt were natural to struggle with. My math wasn’t so great, and my reading wasn’t either.

Now after Vision Therapy, would you believe me if I told you I can even do difficult math and I haven’t even started to describe the other wonders of Vision Therapy.

Vision therapy has improved my math scores, reading speed, memory, eye and hand coordination, among many other things, and has brought a measure of ease to my life.

Nia L., young adult patient 


Can you relate to any of these stories? 

Does your child struggle with math? A vision problem may be the underlying cause. Schedule a vision evaluation with an eye doctor near you.

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The earlier a vision problem is detected, the sooner you can begin a vision therapy program to help you achieve clearer, more comfortable vision— improving your math skills and overall academic and work performance.