Vision Therapy: When will I See Improvements?

Dr. Russel Lazarus, September 9, 2021

Over 15% of the population can benefit with vision therapy.

Did you know that vision therapy can improve eye teaming, visual processing, focusing, visual tracking and eye movements?

Vision therapy is a personalized program of eye exercises, prescribed by qualified eye doctors and optometrists for both children and adult.

How quick will I see benefits?

Although it varies from person to person, most children will already see an improvement within the first 6-10 weeks. 

Adult vision therapy takes a little longer because adult brains aren’t as flexible as children’s.

Even if learning happens more quickly when you’re younger, you can still observe improvements in your adult life, due to neuroplasticity!

What is neuroplasticity?

The ability of the brain to alter and adapt in response to new experiences is known as neuroplasticity.

Improved visual function, due to neuroplasticity, can sometimes take only a few weeks.

The nerve fibers in the brain were originally supposed to be incapable of adaptation or change after the age of eight, when the brain was thought to be fully matured.

Fortunately, according to modern science technology, we now know that the brain can adapt and change throughout our lifetimes, and that it does so without our knowledge. Neuroplasticity is based on this principle.

Every time you learn something new, neuroplasticity permits you to establish new neural pathways.

The brain transmits electrical impulses down neural pathways whenever we think, feel, or do an action— therefore when we change our behavior or perform an action in a new way, the brain creates a new pathway to transfer these impulses.

We strengthen the neural pathway and encourage the brain to get used to behavior the more we practice it.

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What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is more than just doing eye exercises; it improves eye-brain communication and the visual system’s effectiveness.

Vision therapy teaches children how the brain controls their eyes, how to improve their visual skills, and how to use these new skills to improve;

  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Concentration
  • Attention

Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program that aims to strengthen and develop visual skills while retraining a person’s visual system to process visual input more accurately and easily.

How does vision therapy work?

Individualized exercises using lenses, prisms, filters, occluders, and other equipment are used in vision therapy to improve visual abilities and more efficiently process information from the visual system.

Traditional vision therapy exercises have been turned into interesting, engaging, and interactive activities in recent years thanks to modern technologies and innovative computer-based therapies.

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Improved visual function, due to neuroplasticity, can sometimes take only a few weeks to see the benefits for you or your child.