Vision Therapy Quiz

Dr. Russel Lazarus, April 12, 2020

Is a vision problem interfering with your child’s school performance?

Take this quick quiz to find out.

If your child is not performing to their academic potential, they may be suffering from a vision problem.  According to experts, up to 50 percent of children with learning difficulties have a vision disorder that is impacting their ability to learn.

In most cases, these vision problems can be successfully treated with a program of vision therapy.

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Ask your child the following questions, their score will automatically be provided in the number box below.

What does the score mean?

0 to 8: It is unlikely that your child has a vision problem interfering with school performance.

9 to 16: A vision problem may be interfering with your child’s school performance.

Above 16: A vision problem is probably interfering with your child’s school performance.

What to do next?

If your child has scored greater than 8, it is highly recommended to schedule an eye exam with an optometrist experienced in children’s vision and vision therapy. This eye examination should include the aspects of vision that might be affecting your child, such as lazy eye, eye tracking, convergence, focusing and visual processing.

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If a visual problem is detected, a personalized vision therapy program may be recommended. Schedule an appointment with a vision therapy eye doctor to help improve your child’s vision.