The Link Between ADHD and Convergence Insufficiency: Prof David Granet (UCSD)

Dr. Russel Lazarus, October 20, 2021

Prof David Granet conducted a study at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of California, San Diego (2005) evaluating the link between ADHD and an eye problem called Convergence Insufficiency.

This ground-breaking study concluded that ALL children diagnosed with ADHD should also be examined for Convergence Insufficiency (CI).

Prof David Granet (UCSD) discovered that in the ADHD population, Convergence Insufficiency occurs 3x MORE than expected.


An eye exam is often part of a child’s evaluation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Convergence insufficiency (CI) symptoms overlap with those of ADHD and might make it difficult for a student to concentrate on extended reading.


A retrospective study was conducted on 266 individuals with CI who presented to an academic pediatric ophthalmology practice.

Prof David Granet diagnosed all of the patients with CI and tested them for ADHD. A computerized review was also conducted to look at the opposite incidence of CI in patients with an ADHD diagnosis.

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The researchers reviewed 266 charts of CI patients.

  • Twenty-six children (9.8%) were diagnosed with ADHD at some point throughout their treatment.
  • 20 children (76.9%) of the patients with ADHD and CI were on ADHD medication when they were diagnosed with CI
  • 6 children (23.1%) were either not on medication or had stopped taking it many months before the diagnosis of CI.

According to computer records, the prevalence of CI in the ADHD population is 15.9%.


  • When compared to the prevalence of ADHD in the overall US population, it was found that patients with CI have a three-fold higher incidence of ADHD (1.8-3.3 percent ).
  • In the ADHD population, they also detect a three-fold increase in the incidence of CI.
  • Patients who have been diagnosed with ADHD should be tested to see if they have CI, a disorder that responds well to vision therapy.

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Prof Granet (UCSD) discovered that In the ADHD population, a vision problem known as Convergence Insufficiency occurs 3x MORE than expected.

This ground-greaking study concluded that ALL children diagnosed with ADHD should also be examined for Convergence Insufficiency.