Vision Therapy for Headaches: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, August 15, 2020

Real life stories of children and adults who suffered from headaches before completing a vision therapy program.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

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Gina, age 7

In third grade, Gina was experiencing trouble copying words from one area of the paper to another. She also complained of headaches while reading. Her math computation was excellent, and I became confused with the discrepancy between her reading and math abilities. After speaking with a friend, I contacted Dr. X to see if Vision Therapy could help us.

Vision therapy has helped Gina to focus better on reading, and has taught her how to strengthen her eye muscles for all other activities.

Gina is now in fourth grade. Her reading level has improved, as well as her ability to copy words from one sheet to another. She no longer complains about headaches. Her handwriting has also improved, which seemed to be a problem in previous years.

Thank you for everything.

Gina’s parent


Carson, age 8

Carson’s main complaint before entering Vision Therapy was headaches. She would cry with these headaches every day and often I would have to pick her up from school even after she took medication.

Our experience with Vision Therapy has been very positive. It was hard for Carson at first because she didn’t think she was sick and nothing appeared to be visibly “broken” to her. Once she started getting some relief from the headaches she began to realize what a benefit Vision Therapy was for her.

We used Vision Therapy as a real life lesson. Things worth reaching are not always easy, but with perseverance and hard work Carson achieved her goals.

Vision therapy truly changed her life.

Laurie T., Carson’s parent


Anonymous, age 10

The original symptom that caused us to investigate Vision Therapy was the frequency of headaches that our son was having during the school week, but not on weekends. After Vision Therapy, headaches are now few and far between. This has been the most dramatic change that we have seen.

Through the process of testing and Vision Therapy, we were made aware of other problem areas. Reading is much improved and our son now enjoys reading for pleasure. We are so thankful for this program and all that it has done for our son.

We hate to think of what would have happened if we had not discovered Vision Therapy!

Beth E., parent

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Akemi, age 21

I used to get headaches after just 10-15 minutes of reading. I always assumed my headaches were due to stress or my neck problems, so I continued to seek treatment with my chiropractor and cranial sacral therapist.

As far as the slow reading, I labeled myself as a slow learner. Before Vision Therapy, my life was very stressful. I just started going to a new college and the transition was not as smooth as I expected. I couldn’t keep up with the reading, and my reading comprehension was slow. I kept failing the exams, no matter how much I read or made outlines of the chapters.

Now my life is much more at ease. I don’t suffer from headaches any more, and my reading comprehension has improved. Life is much less stressful now. I didn’t realize what a strain my vision problems were causing me until now.

I only wish I had discovered this vision problem earlier.



Leah, age 31

From age five, I experienced headaches almost daily. I was given eye exams, but was told my vision was fine. My condition went undiagnosed until Dr. X gave me a thorough exam and noticed my eye teaming problem.

He said that was probably the cause of my headaches all these years! Every few years I would have an eye exam hoping that my vision was finally bad enough that they would give me glasses. Each time they said my vision was fine and I went away frustrated. I knew my headaches were related to my eyes, but no one understood how.

I just lived on Tylenol, Advil, and Motrin to relieve the headaches.

When Dr. X told me about Vision Therapy, I was happy and scared at the same time.

I knew it meant there wasn’t an easy fix, but that I would have to work for it. When I thought about my first 30 years of life with headaches, I decided that a few months of therapy was well worth it if the rest of my life could be normal. My family encouraged me to start right away and I’m glad I did.

The first improvement was that I no longer got headaches. I realized after a few weeks of therapy that they were already gone.

I also notice that I am not as tired and irritable at the end of the day. I know my eyes are now working the way they should, which takes a lot of strain off my eyes and relieves a lot of anxiety and pressure.



Christine, 21

Before I began Vision Therapy, I noticed difficulties with driving and focusing my eyes from far to near. My reading abilities were always slow, but I thought this was normal. As years passed, I developed excruciating headaches which got worse over time.

I never liked to read because it would take too long, and I would get headaches. I began to suffer from migraines and I saw a neurologist who took a lot of tests. I was put on migraine medication, which didn’t help me. I became accustomed to having headaches all day.

I do want to say that in the beginning of therapy, my eyes hurt and sometimes I had even worse headaches. Dr. X told me that in my case the painful headaches in the beginning were to be expected, but they would diminish after 3-4 weeks. He was right. The headaches went away and it was worth it!

Now, thanks to Vision Therapy I can enjoy reading, without straining my eyes and without getting headaches! I am able to drive and focus my eyes.

I can concentrate and pay attention in school much more easily.

Christine S.


Zachary, age 10

Last year in 4th grade Zachary had a significant difficulty with his reading and comprehension skills. He frequently experienced headaches and increasing frustration with homework and school in general. This year, after completing Vision Therapy, 5th grade has been much easier.

Zachary has improved in all areas with very few headaches. His grades have improved, and he is a lot happier in school and at home!

Terri K., Zachary’s parent


Rylie, age 12

When I first started Vision Therapy I had headaches, sore eyes, difficulty reading and more. When I couldn’t keep up with my class in reading, I got a little stressed out. When I went in for my appointment with Dr. X, he told me that I had trouble controlling my eyes. He suggested Vision Therapy and I tried it.

After therapy was over I saw a huge improvement in school and at home. It started off with no more headaches, then no more sore eyes, and finally my progress in reading went from low to high. I encourage you to try a Vision Therapy Program.


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