convergence insufficiency

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Eye Conditions That Can Affect Academic Success

by Devora Kramer January 20, 2021

Is your child struggling to keep up with their classmates? A vision condition may be affecting their ability to achieve academic success.  The following eye […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Vision Therapy

by Devora Kramer January 20, 2021

Has your optometrist recommended a program of vision therapy?  Vision therapy is an effective program designed to treat a variety of vision conditions that cannot […]

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Prism Lenses for Double Vision

by Devora Kramer January 20, 2021

Double vision is a relatively common problem, and is responsible for 850,000 visits to the doctor and hospital each year. Double vision, also known as […]

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How Does Vision Therapy Boost Self Confidence?

by Devora Kramer January 17, 2021

Could improving your child’s school grades also improve their motivation and self confidence?  When people think of vision, they tend to think of vision clarity, […]

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Headaches and Migraines 

by Russ Lazarus December 20, 2020

Over 15 percent of adults in the U.S. complain of severe headaches or migraines. What’s the difference between a headache and migraine?  Headaches A headache […]

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What Is Syntonic Phototherapy?

by Russ Lazarus December 20, 2020

Syntonic phototherapy is a simple, non-invasive light therapy treatment that has been around for more than 70 years. Syntonic phototherapy uses specific light colors, frequencies […]

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What’s the Deal with Prism Lenses?

by Randy L. Schulman November 24, 2020

Author: Dr. Randy Schulman EyeCare Associates, CT Has your eye doctor prescribed prism glasses or lenses? More recently, people are hearing more and more about […]

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Vision Therapy for Headaches: Success Stories

by Russ Lazarus August 15, 2020

Real life stories of children and adults who suffered from headaches before completing a vision therapy program. *Names have been changed for privacy protection. Click […]

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Can Adults Have Convergence Insufficiency?

by Russ Lazarus August 9, 2020

Convergence insufficiency (CI) is a common vision condition that affects up to 17 percent of children and adults.  While CI is generally diagnosed in children […]

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Double Vision (Diplopia)

by Russ Lazarus August 7, 2020

Each year, approximately 850,000 visits to the doctor and emergency room are associated with double vision.  Double vision, medically termed diplopia, can be worrisome. If […]

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