OrCam for Low Vision

Dr. Russel Lazarus, May 3, 2021

OrCam is a revolutionary device allowing those with low vision to reconnect to the world like never before.

Low vision is a permanent visual impairment that cannot be corrected with surgery, contact or eyeglasses. People with low vision often find it difficult to read and challenging to carry out other day-to-day activities.

OrCam is changing the lives for those who are blind, visually impaired, or have difficulty reading.

These devices can substantially improve a patient’s quality of life by helping them read and perform many other tasks independently.

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OrCam for low vision

Orcam enables a person with low vision to experience more freedom and independence.

There are two devices, OrCamRead and OrCamMyEye.

Low vision affects both children and adults and can result from a birth defect or be caused by disease or injury. Children with a low vision may have difficulty learning as well as socializing.

Vision loss that occurs in adulthood can be traumatic.  For adults who were once able to read, write, drive, or watch TV, being unable to do these things can be frustrating.

Both OrCam devices help people with a variety of needs and are suitable for most levels of vision loss.

What is OrCam Read?

OrCam Read is a handheld reading device for people with mild low vision, reading fatigue, and reading difficulties—including dyslexia.

This device reads text aloud from any digital screen or printed text.

How OrCam Read works 

OrCam Read has a laser guidance system that captures full pages, a block or section of a text and screens. The device instantly reads a selected area aloud. It can read books, menus, product labels, texts on a digital screen, signs, and more.

For patients who find it difficult to read in dimly lit environments, it has a bright LED light to make reading easier.

What is OrCam MyEye?

OrCam MyEye is a voice-activated device for people who are blind or visually impaired. It attaches to almost any pair of eyeglasses, and can read text from a smartphone screen, book, street sign, and any other surface.

OrMyEye can also be programmed to recognize colors, faces, money notes, identify products, and tell the date and time. It enables patients to shop and navigate indoors and outdoors on their own and work more efficiently.

How OrCam MyEye works 

OrCam MyEye can instantly read digital or printed text aloud from any surface. This device is able to help blind and visually impaired users know what objects are around them, such as chairs or doors.

A user can also ask questions, such as “What is in front of me?”, as this device can also recognize faces, once programmed to do so. This gives those who are blind or visually impaired the ability to identify loved ones, friends, or co-workers.

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Contact an eye doctor near you who can help determine if an OrCam device is most suitable for you, it may just change your life.