How to Protect Your Eyes During Halloween?

Dr. Russel Lazarus, June 15, 2021

Halloween costumes are notorious for heavy makeup and face paint, but did you know that these can damage your eyes?

Halloween costumes often include makeup that contains chemicals and additives that can be potentially harmful to your eyes and vision?

These tips will help you to protect your eye health and vision while still being able to rock your costume and amaze your friends and family.

If you are concerned you or your child requires emergency eye care, immediately contact an eye doctor near you.

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Halloween tips for protecting your eyes

  1. Read the directions carefully before applying any product to your skin and beware that many costume makeup products are not intended for use around the eyes.

2. Do not apply any makeup products or face paint directly to your eyes or the skin around your eyes— stay above your eyebrow bone and at the level of your cheek bones.

3. Avoid costume eye makeup products like stick on eyelashes and heavy paints. Instead, use your eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara that you use all year long.

4. Look for products that say “hypoallergenic” on the label to reduce your risk of an allergic reaction.

5. Test the product on a small area of your skin before using it on Halloween day to be sure that it will not cause any skin irritation.

6. Avoid eye glitter at all costs. If your costume calls for some sparkle around your eyes, opt for a shimmery eye shadow instead, as glitter can easily get into your eyes and scratch and irritate your eyes and even lead to an infection.

7. Beware of fluorescent colored makeup or additives in face paint which have not been FDA approved.

8. Never use fluorescent colored makeup near your eyes.

9. Do not share eye makeup, or use any makeup products or face paint from previous years— this can significantly increase your risk of eye infection.

10. If the product contains a strange smell, throw it out— it could be expired or contaminated.

11. Remove your makeup at the end of the night according to the instructions on the package— never sleep in face paint or makeup.

What to do in an eye emergency?

If you experience any pain, redness, itchiness, or swelling after applying face paint or Halloween makeup, contact your eye doctor immediately

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If your eye doctor is not available, visit the nearest emergency medical hospital nearest you.

These are signs that can indicate an allergic reaction, chemical irritation, or eye infection and must be treated promptly to avoid complications and damage to your eyes.