Choosing an Optometrist

Dr. Russel Lazarus, March 11, 2020

When deciding on an eye doctor it is important to look for a reputable optometry practice that will meet all of your ocular health and vision needs.

A qualified eye care professional will examine, treat, manage, and monitor your ocular health and vision.

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To help you make an informed decision, consider the following points listed for your below:

1. Your Eye Care Needs

Are you primarily concerned about  visual acuity testing, eyeglasses and contact lenses? Or, are you looking for more advanced eye care services for managing or treating ocular health? Be aware of your needs before selecting an optometrist.

Many eye doctors specialize in particular conditions so it is a good idea to verify that your eye doctor’s office has the best technology for your personal needs.

2. Specialized Training or Eye Care Credentials

The doctor that you choose should be qualified as a specialist in treating your ocular condition. In most optometry practices you will see diplomas, licenses and training credentials prominently hanging in the office or waiting room of the clinic. 

3. Availability & Accessibility

Your optometrist should be easy to reach – whether you need a basic vision test, comprehensive eye exam, or the latest treatment for ocular disease, the optometry office should have hours that are accommodating to your schedule, and be in a convenient location. Be sure to inquire how to reach the eye doctor in case of an emergency situation.

4. Professional Experience & Reputation

It is important to find a doctor who is knowledgeable, experienced and is known for having a compassionate bedside manner! A friendly office staff who will help you schedule appointments, and help you to understand your insurance policy, is always beneficial. 

5. Extensive Eyewear Collection

Many optometrists carry a selection of eyewear in their office. The collection of eyewear should be durable, stylish and provide you with a good fit for your vision prescription and personal lifestyle. Having a nice selection of eyewear to choose from will ease the stress of going out on your own to look for what you need.

Taking care of your vision and ocular health is essential to your overall wellbeing. Don’t settle, make sure you are happy with your choice of optometrist researching different practices ahead of time!