Need Same-Day Eyeglasses?

Dr. Russel Lazarus, June 9, 2021

Have you ever broken glasses and need new eyeglasses urgently?

Whether you need a new pair of glasses or need your glasses repaired urgently, same-day eyeglass replacement and repair is becoming more and more common.

Many optometrists understand that their patients can’t wait days to be able to see clearly, which is why many now offer a same-day service for new glasses and repairs.

Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor near you to find out if they offer same-day services so that you can have clear vision that same day.

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On-Site Labs

Optical stores can offer same-day services if they have an on-site lab.

This allows them to not waste time sending a prescription and eyewear to a lab across town. An in-house lab that utilizes ultra-precise technology  enables them to work quickly and efficiently, and to maintain quality control.

This also allows them to provide patients with any adjustments that are needed for new or repaired lenses and frames on the spot.

However, not all lenses can be offered through same-day service. Some reasons you may not be able to get same-day service include:

  • Lens modifications:  Anti-glare and scratch-resistant lenses  can  lengthen the timeline for getting glasses.
  • High Prescription: Complicated prescriptions may not be on hand and may need to be ordered in.
  • Frame availability: Some frames are for display only and are not in stock at the store. If that is the case, your eye doctor will order the frames for your glasses.

Some practices  can offer same-day service for most prescription glasses, including those with specialized lenses: progressives (no-line bifocals), transition lenses, and glare-free single-vision lenses, among others.

Eyeglass Repairs

Eyeglasses can survive a lot of wear and tear, but the impact of daily use and handling might sometimes demand repairs. Frames can break, lenses can scratch or crack, and screws can come loose.

Most optometrists offer immediate or same-day repair and maybe be able to fix your glasses, depending on the type of repair required.

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Contact an eye doctor near you and find out if they offer same-day glasses and repairs services.