Vision Therapy for Depth Perception: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, August 15, 2020

Personal stories from parents and children.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

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Alix, age 16

Vision Therapy has helped me more with my mental abilities than with my physical abilities. I think that many things relating to writing, reading, and comprehension have become better. My reading has gotten faster, more efficient, and I can read from a farther distance.

I believe that Vision Therapy could help many other people like me.

Alix J.

Robert, age 48

My 11 year old son, David, was identified as a candidate for Vision Therapy. It made a real difference to his reading and athletic abilities, and I recognized many of his symptoms in myself. I have never been good at ball sports. Even playing catch was difficult for me.

I went for Vision Therapy for several months, hoping to improve my abilities as David had done.

After the first few months, I noticed a real improvement in my peripheral vision. I was more aware of events in my periphery while driving. After completing the course of the therapy, I was able to play catch with my sons. I have never felt any competence at ball sports, but now I can throw and catch with confidence.

My favorite leisure time activity is fly fishing. Vision Therapy has been a big help in my ability to coordinate wading and casting. My ability to estimate distances and cast to those distances has improved. My balance while wading and casting has improved as well.

I am very happy that I learned about Vision Therapy and that I was able to overcome vision problems that have troubled me much of my life. I just wish I had learned about Vision Therapy earlier!


Gregg, age 14

After being referred to Dr. X by an education specialist, I cannot say enough praise about the outcome of Gregg’s visit with him. Testing showed problems, which required yoke prisms, which improved depth perception within only one month’s time. Gregg went from bottom of the batting order in baseball to the top. Definite improvements in many ways: schoolwork, confidence, etc.

I am confident that a developmental optometrist could be the answer to your prayers. Too bad more people don’t know the difference between an Optometrist and a Developmental Optometrist.

Donna T., Gregg’s parent

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Brian, age 15 

Brian is doing so much better since Vision Therapy. He now plays basketball. He used to be afraid of the ball because he wasn’t sure of where it was. Now he sees the ball and even has no trouble dribbling. His coordination is great.

His headaches are gone, his reading has improved, and his teacher has remarked on how much progress Brian is making.

I highly recommend Vision Therapy. I don’t know how it works, but I know it works. I am a very happy mother.

D.S., Brian’s parent

Leyna, age 17

Our daughter Leyna came for Vision Therapy with no depth perception and vision in one eye. Her other eye didn’t have good vision either. After about two years of Vision Therapy, she has no more problems in any of these areas. Her grades are excellent and she’s on the Honor Roll now.

We are very happy we found Dr. X and Vision Therapy for our daughter Leyna. It truly changed her life!

Dawn O., Leyna’s parent

J.R, age 11

Prior to Vision Therapy, J.R. was unable to follow any type of moving object. With a great love for sports, this inability to follow an object such as a moving ball became very frustrating for him. Eventually, unknown to us, he covered his frustrations through bad behavior.

Not only has his athletic ability improved with Vision Therapy, his self-esteem has also returned and he is taking pride in his accomplishments.

Ms. H., J.R.’s parent

Tommy, age 23

I have noticed less eye strain and less fatigue while working at my computer since beginning Vision Therapy. Hopefully, I will be much more motivated to pick up a good book and dive right into it. More importantly, I have enhanced my depth perception, which has been a goal of mine from the beginning.

I would definitely recommend Vision Therapy to anyone that may benefit from it. I know that aside from the many benefits it has to offer, the therapy has enabled me to pass the stringent requirements that the Air Force maintains for screening Undergraduate Pilot Candidates. I will begin flight and officer training this fall to fly the C-17 Globemaster III.

Dr. X and his staff guided me in the right direction, which eliminated a major obstacle in my career path.

Tommy K.

Thomas, age 48

I am 48 years old and have lived almost entirely in a seemingly two-dimensional world. Although I was diagnosed in high school with lazy eye, and was told to do one exercise for one month, I continued to suffer from headaches and eyestrain.

Glasses were prescribed, but I was told only to wear them “if they helped” (they didn’t). Nevertheless, I was an avid reader up until 4 years ago, when I was thrown from a horse and hit my head. I basically quit reading (except when necessary) because my eyes felt like they “jumped off the page.”

After having Vision Therapy, I’ve begun entering a three-dimensional world. Experiencing space has been awesome. My self-confidence in reading is back, without the sore eyes and headaches. I’m grateful for being able to read for longer periods of time.

I’m also sensing that I’ll experience the world differently. Previously, I felt like I was watching a movie on a screen, or looking at a picture book. Sometimes I had to think about doing simple things like “reaching into the picture” for a glass of water, for instance. I’m sure I’ll have more and more energy as I continue improving.


Elbert, age 38

Going into Vision Therapy, I did not expect much. I was 38 and I figured that maybe I could learn a few tricks to control my lazy eye. After a few sessions of Vision Therapy I now realize that my world was flat and dull.

Before, I had sight. Now, I have depth and richness in my vision. Vision Therapy changed the way I experience life.


Weston, age 7

Weston was rubbing his eyes a lot. Prior to therapy, Weston had depth perception problems, which affected his ability to play basketball and read. To catch the ball, he often used his chest and would hold the ball against his torso. It was also quite a chore for him to stay focused when reading, as he needed many breaks due to tired eyes.

Now Weston wants to read everything! He loves chapter books. Before, it was a chore to get him to read for his homework. We notice he is a much more confident sports player and seems focused now.

Weston no longer rubs his eyes. I haven’t treated a stye since Vision Therapy started being a part of our routine.

Karyn, Weston’s parent

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