Vision Therapy for Double Vision: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, August 15, 2020

Personal stories from adults and children diagnosed with double vision.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

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Michael, age 8

My eight-year-old son was a happy, busy boy, but at the end of third grade, he still hated to read. I couldn’t understand why— he loved to be read to. His father and I both were avid readers of different kinds of books and magazines, and his older sister read late into the night. Why was it a battle even to get him to do his reading homework, let alone to read for pleasure?

Thanks to a fluke set of circumstances and a conversation at the right time, I heard about Vision Therapy. After making initial assessments on my son’s vision process, Dr. X showed me a graphic example of exactly how my son saw the printed page.

Yes, he could decipher first-grade size letters, and yes, he could pick up clues from the picture. But third and fourth-grade books had much smaller print. My son’s eyes couldn’t focus together for long, so he saw a double image. No wonder reading was, literally, such a headache for him!

I will never forget the expression of heartfelt relief on my son’s face as he said, “So that’s why reading is so easy for everybody else and so hard for me!” The diagnosis alone instantly boosted my son’s confidence tremendously.

My son was motivated to do the exercises. Didn’t he learn to snap his fingers by trying it over and over? Vision is a skill that can be learned and improved – so of course, he was going to do his exercises. Could he do jumping jacks while reading letters? Could he make the third image appear in between the other two? Could he beat his time while circling the proper letters? These so-called exercises were actually games and tricks to him!

After the first few months of vision training, my son’s reading had noticeably improved. I no longer had to stand over him while he did his reading homework. When he went to the library, he no longer had to choose between beginning readers and read-aloud books. There were interesting books that he could read for himself.

I am thrilled with Vision Therapy, I am thrilled with the process, and I am thrilled with the results. Best of all, my son now reads!

Problems prior to Vision Therapy:

  • Double vision when reading
  • Words moved
  • Closed one eye
  • Frequent headaches
  • Behavior problems (attention, concentration)
  • Room “too noisy”
  • Didn’t turn in homework consistently

Benefits of Vision Therapy:

I don’t dread school conferences anymore. Michael’s teachers see great improvement. I am very happy with his progress. His schoolwork is improving dramatically.

Anita M., Michael’s parent

Matt, age 8

Alma W. reports the following about her son, Matt;

We are very pleased with changes from Vision Therapy.

Problems prior to Vision Therapy:

  • Double vision
  • Had been proficient reader and writer, but reading efficiency decreased after first grade
  • Difficulty with reading (loss of place, skipping words, comprehension)
  • Difficulty with spelling

Benefits of Vision Therapy:

  • Improvement in eye movement skills
  • School work greatly improved
  • Finishing homework more easily and quickly
  • No more double vision

Lauren, age 9

When Lauren began Vision Therapy, we anticipated that the correction of her double vision would greatly help her ability to read, and it has. What we did not anticipate was the extent to which vision correction would help many other aspects of her life.

Instead of dreading to read, she now enjoys it. Her homework takes about half as long as it used to. Her ability to put her thoughts to paper has dramatically improved, as has her attitude toward school. We used to consider her quite disorganized, now she is the child in class to whom the others turn for information. Best of all, she is a much happier girl than she used to be, perhaps because she is not as stressed by her school and homework.

I realize the tone of this letter sounds overly enthusiastic, but we really could not be more pleased.

Maxine G., Lauren’s parent

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Megan, age 14

We brought our daughter Megan to Dr. X after she was involved in a car accident. She was hit in the face with an airbag, her vision was impaired and she needed to wear prism glasses in order to see properly. After 35 weeks of Vision Therapy, she is now free of glasses.

Anyone who tells us they need help with Vision Therapy will hear of Dr. X and his staff from us. Megan says, “I was very concerned that I would never see normally again. I had double vision after the accident. Vision therapy has taught me to make my eyes work together.

Vision Therapy is a lot of hard work, but the end results are well worth it. “I see one of everything again.”

John A., Megan’s parent

Melissa, age 9

Since Vision Therapy, I haven’t had any of the headaches that used to make me scream and cry. The double vision I used to see is gone, and I have no problem skipping lines when reading. My grades have improved as well, and I am now getting A’s. I am able to see text more clearly when it is close, and homework isn’t as difficult.

I am happy, sometimes even for no reason. I have gained new interests, and have even made new friends.

I would definitely recommend Vision Therapy.

Melissa F.

John, age 11

When I met Dr. X and he told what kind of problems and children he worked with, he was talking about John. John used to avoid chapter books, and would only read for very short periods. He would also become very frustrated when he did his homework. He was seeing double.

After vision therapy, John reads at home without being told, and actually enjoys it. The double vision is gone and so are the headaches!

Devorah, age 13

All my life, my mom searched for help for my eyes. There were countless eye doctors. Some prescribed glasses, others said do eye pushups. In elementary school, developmental reading helped but nothing seemed to help with multiple choice tests and connective type tests. Though I knew the material very well, more often than not, I did not do well on these types of tests.

Since we’ve searched for help all my life, Vision Therapy sounded too good to be true. But now, I don’t have any more headaches, even with a lot of reading, and I no longer see double.

Devorah S.

Eric, age 11

Eric’s double vision has cleared up, he’s able to get both his eyes to work together, and he doesn’t strain any more when he does school work. We’re looking forward to when he returns to school in September. He won’t have to struggle through his work any more!

Mr. and Mrs. G. Adams

Gita, age 30

I rarely see double any more, and when I do I am able to clear it up instead of closing one eye. In general, I use both eyes 98% of the time. Prior to therapy, I tended to fall back on one-eye use more than I realized.


Lindsey, age 9

Lindsey no longer complains about headaches. Vision therapy also taught her how to pull her eyes together when she saw double. Her left eyelid does not droop as much anymore either. Lindsey also was successful in eliminating reversals in numbers and letters. This was a significant accomplishment for her.

The changes in her prescription also had a major impact on her vision. I must admit that I was skeptical about the Vision Therapy and what its benefits would be.

I’m pleased with the progress Lindsey made over the three months of therapy.

Lindsey B.’s Parents

Will, age 8

Vision Therapy has helped me a lot. I had come for double vision and it ended up that one eye wasn’t as strong as the other. It helped me a lot in hand-eye coordination, sports (especially tennis and baseball), reading, and concentration.

Now that I don’t have double vision anymore, I am very happy.


Maurice, age 17

For a number of years I was trying to get help with my double vision, which forced me to drive with one eye closed. The only option given by the doctors I consulted was wearing an eye patch while driving or a double eye surgery.

Dr. X suggested including prism in my eyeglass lenses and following up with Vision Therapy. The prescription worked like a charm. No more double vision!

Maurice D.

Anne, age 32

I lead an active lifestyle as a mom chasing after a toddler and as an RN working part time. Some of my hobbies are reading and doing needle work. However, these became progressively harder for me to do as I felt my eyes straining to see clearly.

I also would get headaches after reading and would see double. I had gone to several eye doctors over the past years and each one would change my prescription for my glasses which would help for a while but then my eye problem would return.

After Vision Therapy, I feel my vision has improved considerably. I can read comfortably, I no longer see double and my eyes don’t tire like they used to when I’m reading or using the computer. I am a whole hearted believer in Vision Therapy.


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