Micro-prisms and BVD

by Russ Lazarus May 30, 2021

BVD can impact both children and adults, dramatically affecting school grades and office performance. What is BVD? Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) is caused by the

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2021 Update: BVD and Anxiety

by Russ Lazarus April 13, 2021

According to the American Psychiatric Association, as many as 30% of the adult population experience anxiety at some point during their lifetime. Anxiety is the most common of all mental disorders. It can cause feelings of near-constant fear, panic, and worry. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed can come from being unsure of your surroundings and often prevents sufferers from living a normal life.

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What is Binocular Visual Dysfunction (BVD)?

by Russ Lazarus February 17, 2021

Up to 20% of the world’s population suffers from Binocular Visual Dysfunction (BVD). If you experience headaches, blurred vision, anxiety, balance problems, and dizziness making simple everyday tasks difficult, you may have this common visual problem.

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The Power of Visualization

by Lynn F. Hellerstein October 11, 2020

Author: Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein Hellerstein and Brenner Vision Center Visualization is an essential key to a child’s academic success. Does your child struggle in

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Anxiety Activated by Reflex Codes

by Alexandar Andrich September 21, 2020

Author: Dr. Alex and Patti Andrich The Vision Development Team If you frequently experience bouts of anxiety, you are not alone.  According to the Anxiety

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