Purchasing Contact Lenses Online?

Dr. Russel Lazarus, June 1, 2020

Purchasing contact lenses from an online supplier is tempting, but may end up costing you more in the long run.

The latest trend in purchasing contact lenses involves ordering from online retail suppliers. While it may seem appealing to have your contact lenses shipped straight to your door, unfortunately, there are many disadvantages to purchasing contact lenses online, including:

  • Lost or damaged packages
  • Hassle to exchange product
  • Absence of a professional’s advice

We have provided the most important reasons why you should only purchase your contact lenses from a trustworthy and qualified eye doctor.

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Open box policy

An open box policy means that if your prescription changes, you can exchange your opened (and closed) boxes of contact lenses for updated ones, at no charge. Most eye doctors will even replace any damaged or split contact lenses at no charge. While this policy is offered by most eye doctors, it is usually not available through online contact lens suppliers.

Discounted rates

While many online contact lens suppliers advertise discounted prices and great deals— in actuality, this is often not the case. The truth is, that many eye doctors apply special rebates for their patients, providing hassle free purchasing, at the lowest rates possible.

Your eye doctor cares about your eyecare

This is the most important reason to purchase contact lenses through your eye doctor. Your eye doctor not only provides your optical prescription for your corrective eyewear, he also cares about the health of your eyes and vision.

After purchasing your contact lenses and wearing them for a little while, your eye doctor can assess how well your eyes are adjusting to your new contact lenses by examining your corneal staining pattern with a biomicroscope. A high percentage of corneal staining, typically causes an increase in lens discomfort and irritation— increasing your risk of infection and inflammation, or the development of a corneal ulcer.

Additionally, if you encounter a problem with your contact lenses, such as dry eyes, or an eye infection, your doctor will be there for you to treat the problem and determine the necessity of a different type or brand of contact lenses.

The relationship between doctor and patient enables an easier transition to a new way of seeing.

You can put on a price tag on contact lenses, but your ocular health is priceless

In some cases, you may find that purchasing contact lenses from an online provider may end up costing you less than if you were to purchase them from your eye doctor.

However, for the few extra dollars per month that it may cost you to purchase contact lenses from your eye doctor, you can be sure that you will be receiving the most appropriate fit for your eyes, a precise optical prescription, an easier adjustment to your new lenses, and treatment for any problems that may arise.

For a minimal cost difference, you can rest assured that your ocular health is well taken care of.

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Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor to discuss how to achieve the best vision possible.