Vision Therapy for Dyslexia: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, August 15, 2020

Personal stories from parents of children diagnosed with dyslexia.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

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Jon, age 6

As a teacher, I recognized that Jon had some kind of visual difficulty when reading. He was losing his place, reversing letters, confusing letters such as “P, D, B,” tracking from line to line as he read, and displaying difficulty with concentration. Vision Therapy has helped correct the problem to the point that Jon himself has commented that “reading is easier.” I have noted greater fluency as he reads.

Thank you for developing a program that not only targeted a serious problem, but that a child actually enjoyed doing.

Shirley L. T., Jon’s parent


Lenny, age 19

About 5 years ago when I first started college, I began to notice that I had eye problems. Being ignorant of how the eyes work, I didn’t know what to do about it. In fact, I thought I had dyslexia or something similar. It turned out that my brain was fine and the real problem was with the muscles in my eyes. I went to Vision Therapy to help me read for longer periods of time, and with less strain— which helped my studies incredibly.

Vision Therapy included everything, even prism lenses. In fact, I still use a pair of glasses on top of my corrective contact lenses to help my eyes relax when I read or use the computer.



Zach, age 11

Zachariah has been struggling with learning disabilities since he was two or three years old. Zach never liked to color or draw on paper as a small child. He never had any interest in letters or numbers. He did not like to look at books. We weren’t worried, since after all, when he drew on the large marker board he did a fantastic job. He would use detail in his drawings that were advanced for his age.

At age three, he drew people with heads having eyes, ears, nose, and mouth all properly placed. He drew cars and trucks with great detail. He drew plans for new inventions he had thought up. All of this was done on the marker board, but seldom on paper. When it came to letters, Zach just couldn’t learn them. We tried oral work and he could not remember the names of the letters, let alone any of their sounds.

It didn’t take long for Zach’s self-esteem to begin dropping once he started school. He couldn’t do the letter work required, even in kindergarten. His teacher thought he was lazy, especially when it came to paperwork.

He could answer just about anything as long as he didn’t have to read or write. I had been asking for help from the school by way of testing and was getting nowhere. I had also taken Zach for eye exams and had been told that he was fine. By the middle of his first grade year, I had had it. I began homeschooling Zach and found an eye specialist who told us that he had dyslexia but offered no treatment.

Then one day a family friend referred us to an optometrist in our area. He had had similar problems earlier in his life and at least he could relate to what Zach felt. The optometrist ran extensive exams, including testing for dyslexia and referred us to Dr. X, a developmental optometrist, who provides Vision Therapy.

We were totally impressed with Dr. X and her staff. They knew exactly what the problems were and how to fix them. We decided we would try Vision Therapy, and after only one month, the improvement that we saw in Zach was nothing short of a miracle.

There have been changes in all areas for us. Zach’s attitude, his behavior, his academics have all seen major improvement. I don’t have to struggle and fight to get him to do his homework or chores.

Zach loves doing Vision Therapy. He does his homework in about 1/3 of the time it took him just one month ago.

Thank you so much. We have continued with Vision Therapy, even though it means a 2 hour drive each way, because we can now see our son’s true potential.

Debra H., Zacharriah’s parent


Codey, age 10

Vision Therapy has really helped Codey a lot. He now has a more positive attitude, and much better reading and handwriting grades. Before we started Vision Therapy, we had tried everything, Hooked on Phonics, tutors, summer school, nothing seemed to help. It was to the point where we just thought he was lazy and wouldn’t try. Finally, we decided to do a dyslexia screening and called Dr. X.

He instantly detected a vision problem and explained Codey’s condition to us. Finally, everything started making sense: the poor attitude, bad grades, etc. Now, 34 weeks of Vision Therapy later, there has been great improvement. Better grades, no headaches when he comes home from school, no fighting to do homework, and a great positive attitude.

Misty B., Codey’s parent

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Brooke, age 7

My daughter Brooke always wanted to read but had so much difficulty. I had her tested for learning disability and dyslexia. Then a teacher suggested I take her to Dr. X. Brooke had been to eye doctors before, but when I went to Dr. X’s office they gave her a very thorough exam. I couldn’t believe how bad my daughter’s eyes were. My heart was in my throat.

After going through therapy, she has shown much improvement. Her reading has improved and she feels so much better about herself.

I thank Dr. X and his wonderful staff for all they’ve done for Brooke.

Cherie H., Brooke’s parent


Danielle, age 8

Danielle was having a hard time reading. Even the simplest words gave her trouble. She had one on one help on a daily basis with no results. I took her to be tested for dyslexia, which she has. The tests also showed a possible tracking problem.

Now, after having completed vision therapy,  Danielle loves to read. She can consistently read words once she has learned them, whereas before she read “sat” and when it came again in the next sentence, she would struggle to figure out what it was. She also has more stamina when reading.

I feel Vision Therapy was a treatment I could not deny my child. Had I not put her in therapy, I am positive her reading level would still be at a 1st grade level. Plus she would not love to read.

Sheryl, Danielle’s parent


Mari-Elizabeth, age 9

Mari-Elizabeth, prior to Vision Therapy, had low self-esteem, she didn’t want to read, she couldn’t write a sentence with more than one word spelled correctly. She had to search around the classroom for b’s and d’s to know how to write them correctly. Often, she’d read and completely miss entire paragraphs.

I asked the school if they could help me determine what type of problem my child was experiencing. I would have her eyes examined twice per year. I asked the teacher questions about things she noticed with my child in class. I asked anyone I thought could help me if they knew any Doctor who could help me help my child with dyslexia.

Since Vision Therapy, she now enjoys reading. She has much more confidence in herself. She’s happy! She spells much better. She’s now all that we knew she was, but now she really knows and feels like it too. She’s simply phenomenal. Thank you Dr. X. You created a miracle for us.

Robin, Mari-Elizabeth’s parent


Kari, age 37

I have always had reading difficulties and never enjoyed reading for pleasure. I had to work extremely hard to get the grades I wanted in school and would often go in my room, plug up my ears, and read out loud to myself. I would panic if someone asked me to read orally – especially if I had not pre-read the material. I was not a good test-taker, mainly when it was timed. I never thought I could ever be a graduate student, because the reading took me so long.

It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I found out I had some form of dyslexia or perhaps a vision impairment. When I looked at a printed page I could only focus on one or two words at a time. My eyes jerked across the page, and I often got headaches. I just thought everyone saw the same way I did until I saw a special on TV. It showed what a person with this form of dyslexia would see. It was at that point in my life that I realized I wasn’t dumb. There was a physical explanation for the difficulties I had experienced. It wasn’t until three years ago that I knew there was anything I could do about it.

When I met with Dr. X, he said I had a great chance of getting help with therapy. I was overwhelmed! He asked me what I wanted to accomplish when I was finished with the therapy. There were two main goals I had: to be able to read a book orally to my students at school, with expression, without having to pre-read the book, and being able to start on my masters degree. I went through many sessions and can now say it was the best investment I have ever made.

I’ve read more in the last three years than I have read in the other 34 years combined. I passed the MAT test to become a graduate student and made a high enough score I could continue on with my doctorate if I wanted.

I LOVE TO READ!!! I would recommend Vision Therapy to anyone who is in doubt.


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