Mayo Clinic: Can Convergence Insufficiency be Treated?

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Does Convergence Insufficiency Impact Reading?

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The Link Between ADHD and Convergence Insufficiency: Prof David Granet (UCSD)

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Top 7 FAQs on Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence Insufficiency (CI) affects up to 1 in every 8 children, over 13% of all school-aged students. Many children suffer with various eye problems, which Read More »

Convergence Insufficiency: An Eye Focusing and Aiming Problem

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Convergence Insufficiency and Reading

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Understanding Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence insufficiency (CI) affects up to 15 percent of all school-age children. Convergence insufficiency is a binocular vision condition that affects near vision and eye Read More »

Can Adults Have Convergence Insufficiency?

Convergence insufficiency (CI) is a common vision condition that affects up to 17 percent of children and adults.  While CI is generally diagnosed in children Read More »

How Is Convergence Insufficiency Diagnosed?

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Can Glasses or Eye Patches Treat Convergence Insufficiency?

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Do I Have Convergence Insufficiency?

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Convergence Insufficiency FAQs

Q1: What is convergence insufficiency (CI)? A: Convergence insufficiency is a highly treatable binocular vision condition that affects near vision and eye muscle coordination. Convergence Read More »

Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence Insufficiency (CI) impacts the lives of up to 15% of all students. This is a highly treatable binocular vision condition that affects near vision and eye muscle coordination. Children with CI can be mislabeled as 'lazy', 'clumsy', 'poor students' and 'anxious', or even misdiagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Read More »

Convergence Insufficiency and ADHD

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Vision Therapy for Convergence Insufficiency: Success Stories

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Effective Treatment for Convergence Insufficiency

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Vision Therapy for Convergence Excess

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Convergence Excess

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