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Member Resources: Links and Text
For Optometrists

For Web Developers

If you are a current O.D. member in our network, you or your authorized agent (staff, Web Developer, etc.) have full permission to copy any text and/or links displayed in our Template for the purposes of publication in your own optometric web site or collateral. You can easily view the Template or prepared text with links below.
Standard Bonus Template

PLEASE NOTE: Some links on our Template pages reference third-party web sites outside of our network. Permission to copy and use the links is granted, but permission to copy from the web pages referenced by the links can not be assumed. Look for our network copyright notice which reads Optometrists Network or Rachel Cooper.

It is much easier to instruct your Web Developer to work with the prepared items below

View Template
View Template

Optometrists: View and/or Select Prepared Text with Links
Optional: Submit this Form and We Will Forward Your Instructions to Your Webmaster by Email.

Check at least one of the following:

Pulldown Links - This helpful list of links takes up very little space and does not require your Web Developer to add a new page or alter the web site design. See Sample
Links Page - Some or all of these links can be easily copied and added to an existing Links Page. If your web site does not already have a Links page, we strongly recommend adding one. Please note: all links lead to our advertising-free network pages or optometric non-profits. See Sample
Short List Links - This is a short list of links to be added to a Links Page or any web page. See Sample
Vision Therapy - Create or add to the Vision Therapy page at your web site. We have been developing and collecting patient education and links on Vision Therapy since 1996. See Sample
Success Stories - http://www.visiontherapystories.org is a huge national catalog of testimonials by patients, parents and teachers. No specific doctor names are mentioned. Vision Therapy itself is described and endorsed. See Sample
Eye Exam - This text explains that your eye exam is really a VISION exam and that you test for much more than just 20/20 eyesight. Text also outlines some of many visual skills you evaluate (in plain english). See Sample

Optometrists: Did you review and check off (select) at least one of the items above? Fill in all required contact information below and submit. We will forward your request by email to your Web Developer and cc' you. Your Web Developer will still want you to confirm the request. We can not make any of the requested changes for you (unless you or the Web Developer provides us with complete password information in writing).

* indicates a required field
Optometrist Name: *
Optometrist Email: *
Optometrist Phone: *
Addtl Contact Name:
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Webmaster Name:
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Addtl Instructions:
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You may telephone Rachel Cooper at 877-878-9540 (toll-free) with any questions you have.

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