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Optometrists.org - Since 1996
Optometry Websites

Thanks to our 20 years of continuous publication of high ranking online patient education and directories, Optometrists Network promotes our members' optometric VT practices and their optometry websites via targeted web traffic and referrals.

Optometrists Network is not a website design or maintenance business. When Optometrists Network first started in 1996, almost no optometrist had his or her own website, so we provided a free template website to our members out of necessity for many years. Today, a small number of our members continue to use this free template website.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of our members now tell us to direct all of their targeted traffic and referrals to a customized website that is maintained by another company. In other words, most of our members now work with both Optometrists Network and at least one other business to create a successful web presence.

This synergistic approach is affordable and cost-effective for the optometric practice because Optometrists Network membership services give great value to the member at highly discounted group rates.

Optometrists Network is essentially a "buying group" wherein optometrists who include vision therapy in their optometric practice share their web presence costs with other specialist optometrists. Call us for more information at 877-878-9540.

Members of Optometrists Network have the option of using our syndicated patient education content and links on their own website. In other words, any current member has permission to use our content (including links) on one third-party private practice optometry website. The rights of the member to use the content are non-transferable and non-member optometry websites can not use our content or link to our content.

This means that the busy optometrist and/or staff do not have to write, edit, proofread their own content for their optometry website. Why reinvent the wheel? We've been continuously publishing high-quality trustworthy optometric patient education websites since 1996. You take care of the patients, we'll take care of the web! Membership benefits include:

  • Many targeted links leading directly to your own optometry website. These quality links help your own website to be FOUND by the patients that your optometric practice is uniquely qualified to help.
  • Many listings on our popular patient education websites (directories) where patients can get your contact information without even going to your own website.
  • The option to link to our many advertising-free authoritative patient education websites. These links to our expert content identifies you as the local expert on these topics.
  • Optional use of our content on your own optometry website. Go to Your Optometry Website.

For more information and current pricing, call toll-free at (877) 878-9540.

People follow our links to find YOU!

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Optometrists who already have websites join our network for the links, listings, web traffic, and patient education. Get linked into the network!

MEMBERS: Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration Management is available to members only. Call (877) 878-9540
Toll Free!


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