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Frequently Asked Questions

Optometrists Network is the place on the internet where people searching for Vision Care and Vision Therapy can find YOU. We have been publicizing optometric vision care services on the Internet since 1996!

Join us today and share your patient education and web publicity costs with other member optometrists in our network. Our network membership package includes:

  • Referrals with electronic tracking. We offer multiple directory listings in a network of web sites which are targeted toward different patient groups.

  • Many free links (the result of years of research and development).

  • Networking and cross-linking with popular web pages with established visitor traffic.

  • Use of award-winning copyrighted patient education.

  • Exceptional value thanks to cost sharing with the other members in network.

  • Optional design, installation and hosting of your own practice web site.

Do You Already Have A Web Site?
Do you already have a custom web site or are in the process of building one? If you provide vision therapy services, you will still be interested in the internet marketing resources we offer.

Any current member of Optometrists Network has permission to use our copyrighted patient education text and links in their custom private practice web site and/or collateral. We provide an easy resource area for this. See Member Resources: Links and Text. Also, see Samples of Members Who Used our Content in a Custom Web Site.

Optometrists who already have web sites join our network for the links, listings, web traffic, patient education and Member Resources.

The Bonus Web Site web site is and always has been a membership bonus. You are not obligated to use it. If you're happy with your current webmaster or web site service, stay where you are and get linked into Optometrists Network!

MEMBERS: Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration Management is available to members only.

You take care of the patients... we'll take care of the web!

Join the Network!
Do You Already Have A Web Site?
Get linked into our network! Optometrists who already have web sites still join us for many benefits.

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