Vision Therapy for Blurred Vision: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, August 16, 2020

Stories of adults and children who sought to improve their vision clarity with Vision Therapy.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.


My name is Andrew B. and I am currently a student at the University of Massachusetts. My vision always bothered me as a child, and I’ve always had trouble concentrating when reading for more than a few minutes. Because of these problems, I have continually been to see eye doctors. They always had a cure and that cure was always glasses. The problem was that I was never satisfied and would stop wearing the glasses.

This summer, my father mentioned Dr. X and I immediately disregarded the idea of going to him fearing the many experiences I had already had with eye care. After some very serious coercion, I decided to give Dr. X a try and I am glad I did.

For once, the cure wasn’t just to slap on some corrective lenses— we were going to teach my eyes how to work through therapy. The therapy sessions were actually very interesting. In fact, many of the individual activities were quite entertaining. I also enjoyed hearing about how my eyes worked before and what we were trying to teach them.

After 10 weeks of these sessions, I have had some amazing improvements. When before I just couldn’t make something out, I can now focus on it and make my eyes clear up the image.

I have also noticed some serious improvement in the length of time that I can read. The bottom line is that I highly recommend seeking Vision Therapy.

Andrew B., adult patient



I came to Dr. X to get some Vision Therapy eye exercises to help combat occasional age-related blurriness when reading. In my twelve sessions with him, Dr. X helped me so very much with his great knowledge and creativity. Thanks to him, my eye lenses, which were starting to stiffen with age, have become far more flexible.

Vision Therapy made me exercise and strengthen and use my eyes in many different ways.

Of course my main interest was my focusing, acuity, clearness of vision, and to develop that flexibility. Dr. X gave me a sequence of increasingly difficult visual activities. These focusing activities were part of a varying regimen I was given at each session.

Other activities were for many different functions and aspects of the eyes and vision, and meant to promote their overall good health and high functioning in all sorts of ways. These would include eye movements, relaxation exercises, convergence/divergence, peripheral awareness and many more. Everything was taught and worked on in very enjoyable and frequently entertaining ways.

The entire experience was so very helpful and enlightening. I would hasten to say, all puns intended that I see things a lot differently and more clearly.

Natalie L., adult patient

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I no longer have the following problems:

  • blurred vision after doing prolonged near vision tasks
  • loss of place when reading
  • eyestrain, headaches or discomfort when using computer
  • tendency to get close to the page or computer screen
  • squinting, blinking, or excessive rubbing of eyes
  • poor body posture when reading or using computer
  • inconsistent performance in school

Rickie G., adult patient



I have no more blurred vision after doing prolonged near tasks. I usually don’t lose my place when reading. I don’t have eye strain, headaches, or discomfort when reading or using the computer for long periods of time. My reading skills are better. Copying from the blackboard is no longer difficult.

I feel this therapy has helped my reading and work in school.

Caroline McA., adult patient


When Eric is tired while reading, he will use Vision Therapy techniques to ameliorate blurred vision.

Eric B.’s Parents


I no longer have as many problems doing close-up work, such as blurred vision and eyestrain, as I had prior to Vision Therapy. Also, I can more easily recognize when my eyes are tired from doing close work, and I remember to relax them.

Sandy H., adult patient


No more headaches. No more blurred vision, unless I’m very tired. I can read faster. I’m more confident at work because of better reading. I’m generally more relaxed, less frustrated, and less angry. I feel I understand more.

Nancy B., adult patient


Things don’t look blurry any more. I can read much better now. Things have greatly improved! Vision Therapy has helped me a lot.

Elizabeth S., adult patient


I have noticed that when I read, I don’t strain and don’t get headaches after reading. I’m able to control my eyes. For example, when I’m reading and then shift my focus to look up from the book, I can control my eyes so things are not blurry.

Julie D., adult patient


My focusing ability has improved. I can read for a longer period of time without eye strain or headaches.

Adrienne K., adult patient


I am able to focus a lot better now for a longer period of time. My eyes do not spasm as much as they did. Also, I’m not as tired, due to the decline in eye spasms. Vision Therapy helped me a great deal, and it came out at the perfect time, right before I left for college. If you take Vision Therapy seriously, it can help you a great deal.

Chris C., adult patient


My distance vision has improved enough to be noticed. I can now see the blackboard in school much better than before. I also catch myself now when I get too close to my reading material or a television screen.

David V. W., child patient


I can see the blackboard at school better and the TV is clearer. At first, I didn’t really believe in Vision Therapy, but now I’m glad I was wrong.

Molka V., child patient

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If you have been suffering from blurry vision and wish to find a solution to help you improve your distance or near vision clarity, vision therapy may be the answer you are searching for. 

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