Vision Therapy for Dizziness: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, August 16, 2020

Stories of adults and children who suffered from dizziness or motion sickness prior to completing a program of Vision Therapy.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

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Hi, my name is Lindsey K., I’m fourteen years old, and I live in Kansas City. Before I began Vision Therapy, I got motion sickness when I tried to move around or read in the car. I also got airsick and could NOT go on roller coasters. On tests and quizzes at school, I would skip over little numbers or words, which would often bring my grades down.

Dr. X diagnosed me with a lazy eye and recommended Vision Therapy.

During Vision Therapy we did lots of exercises to help me get control over my lazy eye. Over the course of eight months, I won the battle with my eye. I can now read in the car without feeling sick, ride comfortably on airplanes, and I can catch those words on my tests.

I was still skeptical when I went with my class to Disney World, but I ended up going on ALL of the roller coasters numerous times without feeling a thing. Vision Therapy has really helped me!

Lindsey K., young patient



I decided to try this Vision Therapy program because the frequency and intensity of my headaches (migraines) reached a level where I could no longer work. Other problems included blurred vision, double vision, and severe motion sickness.

The headaches are gone, as are the blurred vision and double vision. The motion sickness has been greatly improved.

Another area of improvement is my back. When sitting in chairs my back would start hurting after 10-15 minutes. A day of sitting would cause several days of pain. After this Vision Therapy program I spent four full days in the same chairs with no problem.

My eye strain was causing muscle and back strain. This has allowed me to return to work.

Jon Deigert, adult patient



I am eternally grateful to Dr. X for helping me get rid of my dizziness which I had endured for 17 months. I had seen at least twenty different specialists in many fields and received no help.

After a friend attended a lecture on dizziness, she was given the number of a therapist. I called and spoke with this person who recommended Dr. X. At this point, I was a basket case.

I called Dr. X, who examined me leisurely and solved my problem.

I can’t thank him enough. Six weeks of Vision Therapy have passed and I’m fine. God bless you! Thank you, thank you!

Sylvia S. L., senior patient

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Thanks to Dr. X’s expertise and Vision Therapy my daily vertigo has stopped and I am able to read again after forty years of just poor scanning.

I have learned that developmental optometry is a highly specialized and rarely publicized field of optometry that’s not chosen or practiced by many.

Vision Therapy is an area that not only takes an education, but an unselfish dedication to the patient and requires unlimited time, patience and consummate skill to unravel the intangibles and restore the ability to read.

Paul Y. E, senior patient



Since we began Vision Therapy on our daughter, Jamie and I have seen great improvements in her vision. Throughout these months of therapy, she has gotten better every day. Jamie reads a lot more, and feels better about herself.

I would recommend Vision Therapy because it helps correct many vision problems a person may have.

Since beginning Vision Therapy:

  • Less headaches while reading
  • Clearer vision without squinting
  • Dizziness is gone

Angel T., Jamie’s parent



Before Vision Therapy I had headaches everyday, and it made me not want to do my school work. I also had problems seeing the tennis ball at night. Now, after therapy, I don’t have headaches and it is easier for me to do my homework. I can also see the ball at night, and that has improved my tennis game.

I have no dizziness, and my eyes aren’t so tired. I am able to concentrate better.

Jayme, young adult patient


I have fewer headaches, can stop most of the blurriness, and I don’t experience dizziness as often as before.

Sarah Z.

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