Vision Therapy for Fatigue: Success Stories

Dr. Russel Lazarus, August 16, 2020

Real life stories of adults and children who experienced eye fatigue before completing a program of Vision Therapy.

*Names have been changed for privacy protection.

Since Vision Therapy, Dylan feels that “everything is easier,” and she experiences much less eye fatigue and stress. Although she always enjoyed reading, she now finds it a pleasure not to have to fight through eye fatigue, and she can read more easily for longer periods than before.

I would absolutely recommend Vision Therapy to others.

P.K., Dylan’s parent


I no longer get eyestrain. All of my goals were met. Vision Therapy works really well. I am very satisfied! It is a lot of fun, too!

Mike P.


I have fewer headaches and eyestrain from working at a computer.

Debbie B.


I don’t seem to have the constant blurred vision that I had in the past, and definitely have less eyestrain and headaches from reading or doing computer work.

I can definitely see the difference since I’ve had Vision Therapy.

Antoinette S.

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The one major change is that my eyes don’t get strained when I work at a computer screen. I also don’t get headaches at the computer, and I can control my double vision now.

Erica M.


Jeremy is much more comfortable doing schoolwork and any type of close work. His handwriting and reading skills have improved tremendously. Also, he very rarely squints any more and his eyes are much less irritated.

Vision Therapy seems to have really helped Jeremy. We saw great improvement, and he really enjoyed attending the sessions.

Jeremy A.’s Parents


Brian seems to be willing to read more on his own. He seems to experience less eyestrain and fewer headaches. He does not lose his place when reading, and in fact is a very good reader. He was always willing to practice his VT at home and enjoyed the exercises.

Brian B.’s Parents


Gabe reads better, has less fatigue, no more complaints of headaches, no more squinting. We’re thrilled. Vision Therapy really helped Gabe.

We are so glad we brought Gabe here.

Gabe S.’s Parents


I am most grateful to Dr. X and the patient therapists who did so much to improve my vision. I can drive with less strain and more ease. Thank you for helping me.

Ellouise M., senior patient

Can you relate to any of these stories? 

Do you often experience eye strain or fatigue after long periods of near vision tasks, such as reading, homework or computer use?

If yes, schedule a vision evaluation with an eye doctor as soon as possible.

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Vision therapy can help you achieve the visual skills you need for clearer, more comfortable binocular vision— improving your ability to perform near vision tasks for longer periods of time, and enabling you to enjoy the activities you love.