Vision Therapy After a Stroke

Dr. Russel Lazarus, March 16, 2021

This case study briefly outlines the benefits of vision therapy following a stroke.

*Names have been changed for privacy

Daniel, aged 62, was suffering with double vision after having a mild bleed on the brain and stroke. Even after years of rehabilitation in occupational and physical therapy he was still unable to read comfortably as parts of the page seemed to be missing.

What did Daniel notice before vision therapy?

  • When watching TV, I could only see the bottom half of the screen
  • When I tried to read, the top half of the page was missing
  • In a car, I could not see the traffic lights or stop signs

Eye examination showed that Daniel’s field of vision was restricted, he could only see the bottom half of whatever he was looking at.

What were the improvements after vision therapy?

After several months of vision therapy Daniel’s visual field became normal.

  • Traffic signals and stop signs became easily seen
  • Reading and comprehension improved
  • Memory was more complete

After completing his vision therapy program, Daniel was able to read 5 books in 3 months. He also stopped asking his wife the same questions, as his short term memory improved.

What does Daniel’s wife say?

He’s now reading smoothly and easily, seems to remember more and can discuss what he reads. He is also more relaxed when in a car. He really enjoys going out more and being with friends and family.