retinal detachment

When is Blurred Vision a Medical Emergency?

by Russ Lazarus May 18, 2021

A problem with any part of the eye, such as the retina, optic nerve or cornea, can suddenly cause blurred vision. Slowly progressive blurred vision is usually caused by long-term medical conditions. Sudden blurring is most often caused by a single event. Some instances of sudden blurred vision are medical emergencies that must be treated as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage and vision loss.

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Why Are My Child’s Eyes Weakening?

by Russ Lazarus March 1, 2021

Are you concerned your child’s eyes are weakening? Why does this happen? Children’s eyes can weaken and lenses become stronger, but should I be concerned?

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ICL Surgery: What to Expect

by Russ Lazarus February 25, 2021

Over 1 million ICLs have been implanted globally. An implantable collamer lens (ICL) is an artificial lens that’s permanently implanted in the eye, this surgical

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What Is a Macular Hole?

by Russel Lazarus February 3, 2021

Macular holes affect up to 4 in 1,000 people above the age of 55.  Early detection of a macular hole can reduce your risk of

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What’s Worse: High Myopia or Smoking?

by Russel Lazarus January 11, 2021

Smoking can lead to the development of sight-threatening eye diseases — but did you know that myopia can also increase your risk of these serious

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Should I Be Worried About Myopia?

by Russel Lazarus January 4, 2021

Myopia (nearsightedness) progression in children doesn’t only result in needing stronger glasses, but also leads to serious sight-threatening eye conditions. Below are the most common

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Can Your Child Benefit from Myopia Management?

by Russ Lazarus December 28, 2020

According to studies, myopia management has shown to reduce myopia progression by up to 78%. Myopia management is a treatment program that involves multifocal glasses or contact lenses, overnight ortho-k lenses, MiSight lenses, or specialized eye drops— all scientifically proven to reduce the rate of myopia progression and the risk of future eye diseases associated with myopia.

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Cataract Surgery Complications

by Russ Lazarus November 11, 2020

Every year, over 9.5 million cataract surgeries are performed, worldwide. While the overwhelming majority (98%) of cataract surgeries are successful, like any surgical procedure there

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