pink eye

Pink Eye: What Do I Do?

by Russ Lazarus May 18, 2021

If your child’s eyes are sore, scratchy or watery, they most likely have ‘Pink Eye’.   Pink eye is the most common eye problem among children,

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Can Eye Drops Be Overused?

by Russ Lazarus May 18, 2021

Overusing eye drops can cause more harm than good. Do you find yourself constantly reaching for eye drops? While eye drops may provide satisfying and

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Types of Eye Allergies

by Russel Lazarus February 7, 2021

Up to 25 percent of people worldwide suffer from eye allergies. If you suffer from eye allergies, you may be wondering what is causing your

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Pink Eye or Allergies?

by Russel Lazarus February 6, 2021

Do you find that you sometimes struggle to open your eyes due to severe eye discomfort? Eye allergy symptoms can sometimes mimic an eye infection,

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Why Do My Eyes Feel Sore?

by Russ Lazarus December 9, 2020

Nearly half of all adults experience sore eyes and up to 33 percent of patients in eye care clinics present with complaints about dry eye.

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Answers to Your Top 6 Questions about COVID-19 and Your Eyes

by Russ Lazarus November 17, 2020

With healthcare information changing daily amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, little attention has been given to the virus’ effect on one of the most sensitive parts

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Can COVID-19 Cause Conjunctivitis?

by Russ Lazarus November 9, 2020

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 include a fever, cough, and respiratory problems. However, in rare cases, the virus can also cause an eye infection

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Can Pregnancy Affect Vision?

by Russ Lazarus November 2, 2020

Most moms-to-be are well aware of the bodily changes that remind you on a daily basis that you are expecting— the most common being: morning sickness, food aversions, heightened sense of smell, swollen ankles, headaches, exhaustion, and many other uncomfortable yet normal pregnancy symptoms. What you may not know is that these physiological changes that take place during pregnancy can also lead to changes in your eyes and vision.

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Eye Emergencies

by Russ Lazarus March 11, 2020

What is an Eye Emergency? An eye infection or eye injury can be very painful and require emergency medical treatment.  It is important to know the signs of an eye emergency and to contact your eye doctor immediately if you experience an eye emergency.

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