optical frames

Should I Buy Glasses Online?

by Russ Lazarus February 25, 2021

While online shopping may be convenient, there may be issues with buying eyeglasses online. In 2019, 9.3% of prescription glasses in the United States were […]

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Solutions to Common Optical Problems

by Russ Lazarus February 21, 2021

Have you received your new glasses, but there seems to be a few problems? Your eye doctor will happily manage any issues, to ensure you […]

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How to Adjust to New Glasses

by Russ Lazarus February 15, 2021

Have you ever put on a new pair of glasses for the first time, and noticed that your vision was blurry or making you feel […]

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Choosing Glasses for Your Face Shape 

by Russ Lazarus December 13, 2020

When shopping for new eyeglasses, finding frames that fit your style and make you look your best should not be overwhelming or difficult… if you […]

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