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Guide to High-Index Lenses

by Russ Lazarus November 25, 2020

What are high-index lenses? High-index lenses are eyeglass lenses that are designed to be thinner and lighter than regular lenses. They are generally recommended for […]

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Keratoconus Treatment: Corneal Cross-linking 

by Russ Lazarus November 11, 2020

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease that weakens the cornea and changes its structure — leading to vision problems and even vision loss.  The cornea […]

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Improve Your Sight, Improve Your Life

by Russ Lazarus November 2, 2020

Believe it or not, the coronavirus pandemic may have brought about a number of positive changes in many people’s lives. The COVID-19 pandemic arrived at […]

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What Are Scleral Lenses?

by Russ Lazarus September 14, 2020

Scleral lenses are a type of gas permeable (GP) lens that are specially designed for patients with corneal irregularities and other eye conditions that make […]

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Laser Eye Surgery

by Russ Lazarus June 1, 2020

Are you thinking of having laser eye surgery? Laser eye surgery, also called laser refractive surgery, is a common procedure that is performed to eliminate […]

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Pinguecula and Pterygium

by Russ Lazarus May 31, 2020

Pingueculae and pterygia are benign growths that appear on the eye’s conjunctiva, the clear covering over the white part of your eye. What is a […]

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What Is Astigmatism?

by Russ Lazarus April 29, 2020

Astigmatism is one of the most misunderstood optical terms…maybe because it is so hard to say?! Astigmatism is a type of refractive error that causes […]

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Vision and Down Syndrome 

by Russ Lazarus March 30, 2020

Individuals with Down Syndrome (DS) are at a higher risk for a range of vision conditions that may affect the development of their visual skills.  […]

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