Outsmarting Autism

Dr. Russel Lazarus, March 11, 2021

This blog has been adapted from ‘Outsmarting Autism’ on the VisionHelpBlog, Dr Leornard Press OD FAAO FCOVD, March 2019

Congratulations to Patty Lemer on the release of her updated and expanded edition of ‘Outsmarting Autism,’ which was awarded the coveted ‘Nautilus Book Award.’

This book is now on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, and you can order it through Target or Amazon and other online options. You can also go to the book’s website homepage to see all of your ordering options.

Who is Patty Lemer?

Patty Lemer holds a Masters of Education in counseling and learning disabilities from Boston College and a Masters in Business from Johns Hopkins University.

Patty Lemer teaches continuing education courses about the role vision disorders plays in developmental delays, including autism spectrum disorders.

She also lectures widely on Prioritizing Therapies for those with delays. From 2012-2014, she served as Chief Consultant in the establishment of a center for young adults with disabilities in Kuwait.

Patty Lemer is a treasure to the autism community. She has dedicated her life to supporting families of children with special needs. Outsmarting Autism is the exclamation point of her service to this community. Patty does a superb job referencing information and provides easy-to-understand discussion on advanced topics.

John Leon, founder of The Autism Exchange

Autism (ASD) and Vision

Patty has once again done a wonderful public service in devoting a comprehensive and detailed chapter to ASD and vision issues. She uses very clear language in guiding readers through potentially murky waters.

For example, Patty defines vision simply yet elegantly as “the learned developmental process of focusing on and giving meaning to what is seen. The operative words in this definition are ‘learned’ and ‘developmental.”

This infers that Patty agrees that the visual system is not a fixed structure determined purely by our genes, but can be developed and improved with the right stimulation.

Maturation of the visual system can be impacted by therapy.

Vision Therapy

Patty also provides readers with advice on choosing an eye doctor as well as explaining the indications for specific eye care, including optical lenses, prisms, and vision therapy.

Patty outlines the importance of vision therapy and the positive outcomes achieved when combined with other interventions and therapies.

If you have a child with ASD, problems with their visual system might be impacting their abilities to function and interact with the world around them. An examination by an eye doctor experienced in special needs and vision therapy might provide answers to your many questions.