Vision Therapy

Stanford University: Concussions and Oculo-Motor Dysfunction

by Russel Lazarus January 31, 2021

This month, a presentation was given by Dr. Jamshid Ghajar, MD, PhD, FACS at the Stanford Brain Performance Center (Department of Neurosurgery and Stanford Athletics),

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Help! My Child Dislikes Online Learning

by Russel Lazarus January 26, 2021

The current COVID-19 pandemic has children learning through digital platforms for up to 7-10 hours a day! But what can you do when your child

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Suffering From Low Self Esteem?

by Russel Lazarus January 11, 2021

Low self esteem can be one of the most challenging emotions experienced by patients following a traumatic brain injury.  Even a mild traumatic brain injury

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5 Tips to Improve Your Game

by Russel Lazarus January 5, 2021

Whether you’re trying out for a high school sports team, training for a 5K marathon, or competing in a friendly softball league, practice these 5

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Research Reveals New Effective Treatment for Adults with Lazy Eye 

by Russ Lazarus December 14, 2020

Amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye”, is a vision problem that affects both children and adults. Lazy eye typically begins in childhood and causes a

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