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Vision and Learning

Selected Resources and Links for Teachers, School Nurses, Occupational Therapists,
Physical Therapists, Vision Therapists, Speech Therapists, Special Educators, etc.

Not Hyperactive or Autistic.
Just Seeing Double At Times.

New York Times Health, September 11, 2007
By Laura Novak "Difficulty in school isn't always a sign of a learning disorder, it may just be a sign that a child's eyes aren't working properly."

Optometric Vision Therapy Helps Juvenile Delinquents, High-School Drop-outs, etc.
NAACP National Resolution, September 2009
"...current research indicates that approximately 1 in 4 children has vision disorders that interfere with their ability to learn...yet teachers and parents are not aware of them. The symptoms mimic attention deficit disorder, and so I move that... we adopt this resolution."

Students with Persistent Problems - The Visual Connection
School Nurse News, September 2000
by Leonard J. Press, OD, FCOVD, FAAO
Headaches? Dizziness? Nausea? What's wrong with these children?

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
A Developmental Approach
by Patricia S. Lemer, M.Ed.
Some symptoms attributed to ADD/ADHD are also seen in children and adults with visual problems, sensory integration dysfunction and/or allergies. Scientific Studies on Connection Between Vision Disorder (CI) and ADHD
School of Medicine, University of California, San Diego, Southern California College of Optometry

PTA Position Statements, 2006 and 1999

ADD/ADHD, Vision and Learning
Comments on undetected vision problems
by Donald Getz, O.D, FCOVD, FAAO
Children with undetected vision problems are sometimes inaccurately diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD.

Vision and Reading
by Donald Getz, O.D, FCOVD, FAAO
This article by an eye doctor discusses children's problems with reading, learning, and behavior caused by convergence insufficiency, tracking problems, eye turns, and other visual problems.

How Vision Impacts Literacy
Report on a Harvard Graduate School of Education study.

Vision problems and dyslexia
by Frank Eperjesi BSc, PhD, MCOptom, FAAO
As the article states, "ALL children and adults who are reading or learning underachievers, whether a formal diagnosis of dyslexia has been made or not, require a detailed evaluation of visual function, especially of the binocular vision system, at an early stage in their remediation."

Book, links, software, videos, etc. to help individuals develop a better understanding of learning disabilities including dyslexia.

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What is Convergence Insufficiency (CI)?
Leading cause of eyestrain, blurry vision, and double vision.

What is Lazy Eye?

About ADHD and CI
by children, parents and adults patients.

Treatment of CI
by children, parents and adult patients.

Look Beyond 20/20
20/20 Is Not Enough!

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