Vision Therapy Eye Doctors in Seattle, Washington, United States

What is Vision Therapy

A personalized visual training program that retrains your brain to interpret visual input more easily and with higher accuracy.

Benefits of Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy helps school children with reading, athletes to improve their game, and helps with brain injury recovery, like concussions.

Vision Therapy Near You

Our Seattle, Washington, United States Vision Therapy Eye Doctors are board certified and successfully treat lazy eye, crossed eyes, dyslexia, and more.

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Kathleen M. Kinney, OD

1511 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101, US
(7 reviews)
Dr. Kinney is very experienced, kind, and supportive. Linde is also very knowledgeable and has great taste.... Show more
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Specialty Eyecare – Bellevue

225 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, 98004, US
(24 reviews)
I have 'very special eyes' I was told ... with that I can no longer wear eye glasses, but specially made contacts. On a Thursday, one split (it was about a year & a half since) so I needed to replace them. I was booked for a new exam, the next day,... Show more
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Hope Clinic – Bellevue, Ted Kadet OD FCOVD

#302, 12301 NE 10th Pl, Bellevue, WA, 98005, US
(1 reviews)
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Vision Clinics of Development & Learning

Suite 303, 12835 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue, WA, 98005, US
(2 reviews)
Dr. Pearson is not only knowledgeable, he is also generous with his time! His staff is wonderful, too. I can't say enough about how much VCDL has eased my concerns about my son's visual and learning potential, or how willing they are to work with ot... Show more
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Gabrielle Family Vision Care

11411 NE 124th St, Ste. 118, Kirkland, WA, 98034, US
(12 reviews)
I appreciate the entire team at Gabrielle Family Vision. The front desk staff is really efficient and helpful. Dr. Gabrielle is thorough with her vision exams and takes the time to explain everything. The vision therapists (I worked with Cindy) are a... Show more
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Alderwood Vision Therapy

16006 Ash Way, Lynnwood, WA, 98087, US
(17 reviews)
I suffered a stroke in June of last year that left me with double vision that later corrected to double peripheral vision. I had severe limits to how much my eyes could turn out and I would see double if I wasn't looking straight ahead. I was also ... Show more