Vision Therapy Eye Doctors in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

What is Vision Therapy

A personalized visual training program that retrains your brain to interpret visual input more easily and with higher accuracy.

Benefits of Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy helps school children with reading, athletes to improve their game, and helps with brain injury recovery, like concussions.

Vision Therapy Near You

Our Indianapolis, Indiana, United States Vision Therapy Eye Doctors are board certified and successfully treat lazy eye, crossed eyes, dyslexia, and more.

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Vision Therapy Center of Indiana

#160, 7440 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46250, US
(2 reviews)
My daughter was tested by Dr. Frischmann and was shown to have a vision problem. She had 20/20 vision but was having trouble with other aspects of vision and was struggling with certain aspects of her schoolwork. She was referred to the vision therap... Show more
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Eyes for Wellness

#170, 9302 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN, 46260, US
(7 reviews)
We have been seeing Dr. VanHoy for a few years. I feel that she is in the very best hands and in the care of a very knowledgeable professional. I would not take my daughter anywhere else.... Show more