Vision Therapy Eye Doctors in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

What is Vision Therapy

A personalized visual training program that retrains your brain to interpret visual input more easily and with higher accuracy.

Benefits of Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy helps school children with reading, athletes to improve their game, and helps with brain injury recovery, like concussions.

Vision Therapy Near You

Our Atlanta, Georgia, United States Vision Therapy Eye Doctors are board certified and successfully treat lazy eye, crossed eyes, dyslexia, and more.

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The Vision Performance Center

#440, 1455 Lincoln Pkwy E, Atlanta, GA, 30346, US
(12 reviews)
We had a great experience getting a comprehensive eye exam for our daughter (age 7) who is experiencing dizziness and headaches when reading despite her 20/20 vision. Nicole was very good with her and never said anything that might make her feel ther... Show more
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Cook Vision Therapy Center

1395 S Marietta Pkwy, Bld 400, Suite 107 , Marietta, GA, 30067, US
(4 reviews)
I wanted to make sure those reading the reviews understand how wonderful the Cook Vision Center is with the needs of vision problems. I think that TGG EastCobb should probably focus more on his daughter's vision and less on the look of the office. ... Show more
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Vision Care and Therapy Center: Janna Iyer, OD FCOVD

100, 12020 Etris Rd, Roswell, GA, 30075, US
(9 reviews)
We brought my son here after a recommendation from our OT as we were trying to determine why my son was struggling some in school. We did the full developmental exam and it was fascinating to see how the different exercises were able to show where m... Show more
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Acworth Family Eyecare

4900 Ivey Rd, Suite 1226 , Acworth, GA, 30101, US
(208 reviews)
The team at Acworth Family Eyecare has been taking care of me for the last 10 years. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Their service and attention to detail is exceptional and I always feel like I am getting the absolute best care. I also... Show more