Vision Therapy for Double Vision (Diplopia)

Double Vision (Diplopia) Treatment with Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy for Double Vision

Double Vision Treatment

Vision Therapy Treatment for Double Vision, Causes of Double Vision

We provide non-invasive, non-surgical Vision Therapy and Visual Rehabilitation treatment to resolve double vision and restore and/or develop clear single vision (two-eyed 3D vision and binocular depth perception). In some cases, temporary or long-term use of corrective lenses (with or without prism) play an important role in the successful treatment plan. All of our Vision Therapy treatment plans are customized to the individual.

Eye Exercises for Double Vision (Diplopia)

Eye exercises for double vision are an important part of Vision Therapy treatment programs for diplopia. These doctor-supervised, in-office eye exercises effectively train eyes, brain, and body to eliminate or decrease double vision and improve overall function, including vision, balance, coordination, stamina, concentration, etc. The eye exercises do not act on the eye muscles alone but -- more importantly -- the eye exercises change the brain which is the neurological control center for the eye muscles. This means that -- thanks to something called neuroplasticity -- results are long-lasting and can take place at any age. It is never too late to get rid of double vision and develop better vision with Vision Therapy.

What Causes Double Vision?

Double Vision occurs when the two separate views coming into the brain from the two eyes do not resolve, combine or fuse into one single image in the brain (3D stereo vision or stereo fusion).

Double Vision can be caused by:

  • neurological problems, such as brain injury, stroke, a brain tumor;

  • binocular vision disorders, such as convergence insufficiency, strabismus;

  • diseases or disorders of the central nervous system, such as thyroid disease or multiple sclerosis(MS);

  • lens problems, such as cataracts;

  • autoimmune diseases, such as Myasthenia Gravis;

  • metabolic diseases, such as diabetes

Double Vision Involves the Brain and Surgery is Seldom the Answer

Vision, including 3D binocular vision, uses many areas of the brain simultaneously. Approximately one third of the human brain is involved in the processing of vision. Vision is spread across so many areas of the brain and is so diffuse; in function that this means that the best treatment for double vision would rarely, if ever, be brain surgery. The exception to this statement is cases in which the double vision is caused by a brain tumor. In those cases, brain surgery could be part of the recommended treatment plan.

Double Vision and Strabismus Surgery

Eye muscle surgery or strabismus surgery is not the recommended best course of treatment for getting rid of double vision and gaining binocular vision (stereopsis). The brain controls the eye muscles and eye muscle surgery (i.e., strabismus surgery) does not directly change or improve the brain's “control system” and its signals to the eye msucles. Non-invasive non-surgicial Vision Therapy with or without corrective lenses is the best course of treatment in order to gain single vision AND improved vision (binocular or two-eyed vision and depth perception).

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