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Optometrists Network includes eleven ad-free public patient education websites and three different directories to help you find an expert optometrist near you:

  1. FIND AN EYE DOCTOR on a map;

  2. VisionTherapyDirectory - Find a VISION THERAPY or VISUAL REHABILITATION EXPERT by City or Country name or

  3. Find a Pediatric, Behavioral, Developmental or Neuro Optometrist by State or Country.

No membership or user registration or sign-up is required to access our public sites. Our ad-free patient education and FIND A DOCTOR directories are sponsored by our Members who are Optometrists.

Optometrists Network Video Channel - NEW!
This newly launched video channel of ad-free educational videos includes patient stories and reviews of treatment as well as basic information on strabismus, lazy eye, convergence insufficiency visual rehabilitation of eye problems from concussions, and more.

This site provides free resources and information regarding the symptoms and types of visual problems associated with concussions, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and many kinds of brain injuries. Treatment options including visual rehabilitation, prism lenses, and vision therapy are explained. Originally launched in 2000.

Convergence Insufficiency (CI) is the leading cause of eyestrain, double vision (diplopia), and/or headaches. The National Institutes of Health, National Eye Institute, and Mayo Clinic have proven that in-office Vision Therapy is the most effective treatment for this common vision disorder. This site was launched September 2005.

Scientific research on the successful treatment of lazy eye in adults and older children has exploded thanks to 21st discoveries about neuroplasticity. For example, scientific research by the National Eye Insitute has proven that older children benefit from lazy eye treatment (up to age 17). What is lazy eye (amblyopia)? Links, references, FAQ, etc. Launched 2005.

Also available at visionstories.com. Over 550 inspiring Vision Therapy Success Stories submitted by (children and adults), parents, and teachers. MANY topics are covered including ADD-ADHD; Blurred Vision, Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury, Crossed Eyes, Double Vision, Dyslexia, Eye Strain, Headaches, Reading, Learning Disabilities, and much more. First launched in July 2004.

A large site which serves parents and adults seeking information on visual health. Popular with parenting groups and special interest on-line medical sites and communities. This site was originally launched in 1996 as kidsvision.org. The name was changed to children-special-needs.org in January 1997.

What is Vision Therapy? An in-depth FAQ interview with an expert eye doctor. References to research on Optometric Vision Therapy (some PDF format). Links. Originally published in 1999.

An expert eye doctor explains different types of lazy eye and strabismus (eye turns, crossed eyes, wandering eyes, etc.) in an easy-to-understand question and answer format. Lots of photos and illustrations! See the fun bits on the evolution of human two-eyed vision. Originally launched in 2001.

vision3D.com and Magic Eye
Winner, Internet Medical Site of the Week Award. Recognized by AMA News and many others. This retro (vintage) cartoon-style website teaches the public about stereoscopic or binocular (two-eyed) vision with stereograms, Magic Eye, etc. in a fun and entertaining way. Originally launched in 1996.

This website contains many third-party articles on ADHD and Attention Deficit Disorders with a special focus on the relationship between ADD/ADHD and vision. Published statements by educators, eye doctors, PBS, government agencies, United Nations, etc. Read comments on relationship between C.H.A.D.D. and Ciba Geigy (manufacturers of Ritalin). Launched in 1997. Articles added every year.

David B. Granet, M.D., ... many patients being treated for convergence insufficiency -- an inability to focus the eyes at close range -- were also being treated for ADHD.
Under development. Links to information on learning disabilities and vision-related learning problems at Vision and Learning.


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