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Member Resources: Links and Text
For Web Developers

For Optometrists

Any current member of Optometrists Network has permission to use Optometrists Network intellectual property from the Template Web Site only (i.e., content including code, text, hyperlink text, images, outbound links, etc.) in one third-party private practice website that is directly associated with that member. Inbound links will already be in place to the current member's website. Please contact Optometrists Network re: any requests for changes to inbound links after the content has been added.

On behalf of a current member only, an authorized agent (associate, staff, web developer, etc.) is granted permission to copy and use text and/or links displayed in our Template Web Site only (a sample is also shown below) and to install (paste) said content into one private practice website for that member only.

Popular text and/or link lists has been prepared for Web Developers' use on this page. To copy and paste clean html code, go to the separate items listed below.

See Pulldown Links, Links Page, Links List, Vision Therapy, Success Stories, Eye Exam.

Please note: our patient education pages and links are always advertising-free with no cookies or adware. Our links lead to you!

Standard Bonus Template
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View Template

PLEASE NOTE: Some links on our Template pages reference third-party web sites outside of our network. Permission to copy and use the html text links is granted, but permission to copy from web pages referenced by the links can not be assumed. Look for our network copyright notice which reads Optometrists Network or Rachel Cooper. It is much easier to work with the prepared items below.

Web Developers: Choose an item below to copy the html code.
Pulldown Links This javascript pulldown menu of links does not require the Web Developer to add a new page or alter navigation elements. All links lead to our advertising-free patient education pages.
Links Page

Some or all of these links can be easily copied and added to an existing Links Page. If the optometric web site does not already have a Links page, we strongly recommend adding one.

All links lead to our advertising-free patient education web pages. All web pages link back to the member via Find A Doctor and Our Members. No dead links.

Links Page

This is a short list of links to be added to a Links Page or any web page.

Vision Therapy Your optometrist probably sent you to this Member Resources page specifically because he or she wanted to add more information on Vision Therapy. In the case of a specialized service such as Vision Therapy, generous amounts of patient education and links are prescribed.

If the doctor does not already have a Vision Therapy page, please consider adding one. If all services are listed on just one page, add more Vision Therapy information and links to that service item.

Success Stories https://www.visiontherapystories.org is a huge national catalog of testimonials by patients, parents and teachers. No specific doctor names are mentioned. Vision Therapy itself is described and endorsed.
Eye Exam This text explains that your optometrist does more than just basic testing for 20/20 vision.

You are invited to telephone Rachel Cooper at 877-878-9540 (toll-free) with questions. You will have to telephone to ask for our email address (overexposed on the Web since 1995 and now spam-phobic).

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