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Reviews: Optometrists, Optometric Vision Therapy
Congratulations on an excellent website! As an orthoptist, I was very impressed by your presentation and manner in which you conveyed ocular motility and binocular vision information.

Rebekah Duyshart

Wonderful site!! Read about the vision3d.com website in the AMA News. This is a great site for helping others to see 3d. It's very hard to teach this to people who disbelieve in or don't appreciate the concept of stereoscopic vision. Good work!

William Wilder, M.D.

Your referral came today and I am sending it on to my daughter in Key West, Florida via "snail-mail." I can't say THANK YOU enough, but this is a try. I do appreciate your efforts and services. Your website is most interesting and helpful..plus very well done. Congratulations.

My best to you, Helen Hebler
"Grateful Grandmother" in Texas

Without your web pages on the net, I might have never known just what was out there for me as far as a cure. I owe it all to you. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll never forget you. Keep up the good work!

Angie R. McCall-Smith

Your websites played a crucial role in giving us the courage to make our choice. I want you to know that over at ldonline's parenting bulletin board, I have referred countless parents to your sites for the vital education in visual issues you provide.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jenny Vecchio

Thank you for your quality site and for allowing us to include it in the KidScience Library at MiningCo.com (now About.com).

Gayle Olson, Editor
Mining Company (now About.com)

I found your web pages to be very helpful. I also found a new Eye Doctor! Thank you so much.

John Hanses

I am a benefactor of both vision therapy and surgery. It was well worth the worry of surgery and the challenge of therapy. I see normally now. Just for the heck of it, I like to rent 3-D movies and watch them, because now I can actually see jaws coming out of the water toward me. I love the risk I took and I love the doctors who helped me!

Thanks so much for putting your sites out there.

Kellee Smith

Liked your site very much. Thank you for 45 minutes well spent going through it (literally). It made my bookmarks list.

Jean-Pierre Poirier.

Thank you for your response to my request for information about vision therapy. I have read the entire website about stereo vision. I am SO glad that someone is even trying to increase awareness of it. There are very few resources for this problem.

Thanks again.
From: Kreuzbrav@xxx

Great site! Your vision3d.com site is fun for the whole family. Thanks heaps!

The Coghlan Family

I have visited the vision3d web-site. It was the first thing connected to vision therapy on the web that I found. Thank you for maintaining it. It's very good.


I have problems with binocular vision and was looking for solutions. I came across vision3d.com tonight and felt compelled to say thank you for such a treat. I also read the network information about binocular vision and found it very interesting.

J. Alderson

Your site is awesome!! I've been exploring it for the past 45 minutes and having a ball.

Daniel Welch
Eastman Kodak Company

Thank you for your response. I am so excited about this. Your information has been very helpful. Thru your information, I found a vision therapist right down the road from my home, and several more not too far from me. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. I can't wait until Monday morning, so I can set up an appointment.

Thanks so much, Dianne Halloran

The pediatric opthamologist that we are seeing says that there is no link between behavior and vision, but I know that this is not true. I have been researching vision therapy and it sounds like exactly what my son needs. Thank you very much for your help!!

Caryn Meyer

This is to tell you how grateful I am for your time and kind attention. I am sure to follow your advice and examine thoroughly the information on the vision therapy.

Respectfully yours,
Tatyana Gubareva

I was browsing thru the internet searching for information on vision therapy. Thank you so much for your information.

Diana Tromley

Found your site while searching for clues to this mystery. My 27 month old daughter was diagnosed with intermittent exotropia and the doctors are, of course, urging surgery. We have heard of alternatives. Can you give us the name of a doctor in our area? Any other advice or leads would be most appreciated.

Brian Cooper
Descartes Systems Group

Have read much of your stuff in the last 48 hours...after discovering that my 13 month old daughter Olivia has strabismus. Do you know of anyone in my area who is au fait with vision therapy. If you can be of any assistance at all I would be most grateful.

Amanda Scott
Brisbane, Australia

Hi, I was browsing the web for info on vision therapy and came across your web pages. My daughter will start vision therapy in the near future and we hope be one of the success stories.

Thank you,
Pat Jackson

Hello. My son has strabismus. We made the plunge and decided to definitely do vision therapy. It's gonna be a long summer making the 2 1/2 hr. trips to Columbus. If it works out well, every single mile will be more than worth it!


A web search brought up your children-special-needs site. I hadn't heard of optometric vision therapy before. I started researching this due to my younger daughter Naomi (4 and a half years old). Her vision is basically 20/20 but she has a strabismus. The only other treatment she has been getting (through a hospital-based orthoptist) is to wear bifocal lenses to attempt to correct the strabismus. This has not been successful so far.

Your websites have been very interesting and informative. It seems like you're doing a great job in making people aware of what is actually possible.

Gerald A Dobson

Thanks for all of your info. It's much appreciated!

Nancy Stephens

Thank you for this site and for informing all the suffering people.

Leão Fernandes

I think It's great that someone is educating about the benefits of stereoscopic vision. It seems that parents and teachers alike could all use a lesson in eye care. Great job on the site and thanks.


Thank you so much for the referral and thanks for providing such a valuable service. It's important to me because the net is my only means of finding information to help my daughter, and soon we will live in a very isolated area. Thanks to services such as this, she may well be able to live a life full of all the opportunities available to fully sighted people.

Kerri O'Donnell

Love your sites (or should I say sights?). I'm happy to tell you that my beau is now practising at vision3d.com daily for healthier vision.

Linda Abbott

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