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Dr. Nick Thomas was extremely helpful in prescribing my new corrective glasses. He took the time to explain everything that he is trying to do to correct my vision problems and answered all our questions. Gina was also great to work with. She helped in selecting the new glasses and fitting them when they arrived. overall, we are very impressed with this office! We will definitely recommend them!
- gary konopka - December 14, 2020
My vision is kind of complicated - very myopic but now I'm in my fifties so I also have to deal with farsightedness. It's been really hard to find a way to see up close, distance, and the computer screen without switching back and forth between contacts to glasses to cheaters. When my former optometrist retired, I hunted around a while trying to find someone who could get my prescriptions right. I found Walesby through a Google search and thought the reviews seemed pretty good so I scheduled an appointment at the Wesley Chapel office. The team was very thorough -- I was seen by two of their docs to make sure everything checked out. I spent a good amount of time with Gina picking out the best lenses for my aging eyes - ones that would give me the best all around vision. My resulting lense prescription is the ABSOLUTE BEST I've had in years! (I got contact lenses too, but I love my new glasses so much I hardly wear contacts now). My frames are beautiful and the best part is I'm not switching my glasses back and forth all the time. And no more headaches! Now, the lenses and frames weren't inexpensive, but the prices of the exam and contacts were very reasonable. My insurance covered a good chunk of the cost. I picked a more expensive lense to give me the lightest weight and best 180° field of view, so the price would be less if I'd gone with different options. Overall, it was worth every cent to be able to see this well.
- Anna Wenders - November 25, 2020

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At Walesby Vision Center, our doctors and therapists are dedicated to ensuring our Tampa and Lutz patients achieve and maintain the best visual system possible

The doctors and therapists at Walesby Vision Center are dedicated to ensuring that every patient who enters our program achieves and maintains the best visual system they are capable of. Through our extensive knowledge and experience in vision therapy, we are able to help our patients work on depth perception, double vision, reading problems, and learning disabilities, just to name a few.

We have continued the tradition of providing the highest level of vision care possible, from glasses and contact lenses to vision therapy using a customized approach to each patient. Our intentions are to continue to provide the best service that our community deserves.

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