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Dr. Polec brings much added expertise to prescribing glasses. She understands the complex interaction of eye muscles, brain functioning, and vision. She spends the time to explain what she is doing, to get exactly the right prescription, and to ensure it is accurately recorded. She can also prescribe a wide range of eye exercises and other interventions when needed. And everything is done with care and compassion. She is a true professional.
- Richard Snodgrass - July 13, 2016
- Linda Palmer - July 10, 2016

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About Us

VQ Vision started over 15 years ago with the goal of helping rehabilitate patients who have been affected by;

  • brain injury
  • learning disabilities
  • balance
  • cognition issues

I am blessed to have assembled an incredibly talented, compassionate, and qualified team of doctors and practitioners who are the top of their field. Many of our practitioners themselves have recovered from a brain injury, visual or cognitive troubles, or have helped a family member or friend.

We listen and help each patient with empathy and understanding.

Over the years our team, has perfected a treatment plan and series of therapies that address the variety of symptoms a patient may be experiencing after a brain injury, including issues with anxiety, balance, and cognition.

The eye-brain-body connection is integral in returning a patient to wellness so they can live their life and achieve their goals.


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#100 4640 E Sunrise Dr
Tucson, AZ 85718