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I can’t praise Dr. Lessman enough for the life changing therapy he provided for our 8 year old son. His knowledge and patience with him was comforting for what we came in to see him for. Our son was having horrible headaches while reading and as a result was falling behind. His anxiety levels and self confidence were daily struggles we were dealing with. Our son had 20/20 vision and didn’t need glasses so it was very frustrating to try to help him. That’s when we learned about vision therapy and he was going to get help. 4 months later he has been reading books on his own. His scores in school tripled with his fluency. When people say life changing....this truly is life changing.
- Lisa Bellus - June 06, 2019
When I was 16 years old I had a tramatic brain injury that left me severe double vision. At 29 years old I was having chronic migraines, chronic neck pain, terrible anxiety and panic attacks, severe vertigo and nasea. My vision was so bad I could not see to walk or read. I couldn't ride in a car due to nasea and I would even get sick when I drove. I couldn't do any of the things I once enjoyed. I thought my life was over. I came across Dr. Lessman online and he was able to get me in within a week of calling in. Fast forward 6 weeks and I can now walk for as long as I want, I can drive long distances, and I can read. I never have anxiety or panic attacks anymore! My neck pain and vertigo is gone. I am only halfway through my treatment plan currently and I could not be happier. Dr. Lessman and his vision therapist Maria saved my life. I only wish I would have found them sooner!
- Blushing Blonde - June 07, 2019

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About Us

The Vision Development Institute has a long standing tradition of specializing in the study and treatment of binocular and developmental vision disorders for all ages, dating back to 1948.

Beyond routine eye care, we emphasize caring individual non-invasive Vision Therapy.

Our therapy includes sport vision enhancement, binocular development, and developmental therapy for associated conditions such as ADD, dyslexia, LD, motion sickness, and other mental and physical challenges. You are welcome to call with your specific concerns.

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1789 S Braddock Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218